Army Heroes Game review

This is a game you must try. The game released by Plamee Tech (CY) Limited is a theme of war. We will feel the sensation of the tension of war in this game. Our task is to establish an army camp and then develop it. In addition, we will also be invited to paralyze enemy camps to obtain resources.

Now, Army of Heroes you can play on Android and iOS platform. After the success and crowded played on Android, iOS finally received to the present this game. Now you who use both platforms can meet each other to fight both in normal mode and war mode. This game is getting more exciting with the increasing number of players.

On this occasion, we will provide a review of this game. We will divide it into several discussions. What we will explain is about gameplay, features, and troops. Well, let’s start the explanation.


Here your task is to build a strong camp, build a camp that is not easily conquered, enemies. To do so you need to upgrade every building in your camp. But to do the upgrade of course you need resources that are not small when you have reached a high level. Looting becomes one way so you can get additional resources. Therefore you need to hone your skills in doing the looting. The selection of troops will be very important for you to master to maximize attacks and looting. You can read Army of Heroes tips and tricks to gain knowledge on how to do a good attack.


There are many features which contained in this game, but the most interesting feature clan wars. Once you join a clan you will be able to fight with your alliance. Try to get a clan with a solid member and have a good ability in playing. Thus you will easily win every war that goes on. Do not forget to hone your ability to attack. You need to know a good combination of troops to paralyze the opposing camp to earn three stars.

Another thing you should notice is upgrading your heroes. This is very important. Ability to attack and survive must be balanced. Thus you will be able to win the war. If you do not have enough resources to upgrade, you can use cheats unlimited bills to get it for free.


Just like most other strategy games, there are various kinds of troops with varying abilities. Each has its own function or expertise. There are acts as a dealing, there is a role as a tank, and so forth. These troops will be great if you are good at combining them.

What is unique about this game is not only the ground units that play a role in the attack, but there are also air units. Air units can be used to destroy damage-generating buildings that are difficult to reach by landline units. Therefore always make air units before attacking.

Well, that’s a review of this Army of Heroes game. Hopefully useful for you. Believe you will not regret after playing this game. In addition to a good graph of the uniqueness of this game makes us feel different sensations with other similar games. So much can be said. Our entire crew NielGaming would like to thank you for your visit. See you on another occasion.


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