Hello Commander, welcome back to nielgaming.com where to find all the information about games that are always up to date. On this occasion, we want to share tips and tricks to play game Army of Heroes. Here we will tell you the strategy of doing the attack properly so you can easily destroy the enemy camp and get the three stars. Perhaps many of you are just attacking carelessly. Incorrect attacks will only waste our resources. Therefore we must learn to do it right.

Before we proceed to the core of the discussion, there are important points you should know. The point is to know our purpose in doing the attack. The strategy to be used will be very different depending on the purpose. We can classify it into two points: attack to get resources and attack to get stars.

Attacking For Resources

Attacking to get common resources we call the looting process. In this case, you do not need to make tough armies that are expensive. Suffice you to make light armor armies that are cheap. The troops are enough to steal resources from the enemy. We just need to target attacks on enemy resource-generating buildings. Here are the first tips for you. So when you do looting take note of the direction of movement of your troops. Try to make the troops go to factories producing resources.

It is also important for you to combine armies. Forces with a range far have greater damage than the troops at close range, but their hp is very low. In contrast, close range forces will have less damage, but their hp is thicker. So lower your troop first and then immediately lower the long-range troops. Thus long-range troops will be protected by close range forces and they will have a chance to survive longer. These are the tricks you can use to do the looting.

Attacking to Win a War

Actually not just in war. The strategy we will give is used to get three stars from the enemy. In other words this strategy we can use in the process of raising the rankings as well. These are other tips from us, so all you have to do first is know well the character and function of your armies. Next is to make the composition of armies and the last is the technique of attack.

Understanding Your Armies Characteristic

Do you know the function to know the characteristics of armies? This is the foundation you need to understand. By knowing the characteristics of each army then you will be able to deduce the function of your troops. Each troop has a different function there is a role as a tank, as support, damage and so on. Once you understand this then you will be able to make a good composition of troops.

Making the Composition of the Forces

Well, so what you can make a good composition? If you have been able to make it and successfully apply it in your attack to get three stars, then you have understood everything we explained. For those of you who have not understood it, we will explain the exact composition of troops in the attack for three stars.

First, you must have a troop with high hp that will act as a tank. This will keep the other troops from attacking enemy defense towers. Next, you must have troops with great damage to destroy enemy buildings. You also have to have support like a fighter that can do bombing to destroy the defensive towers that are difficult to reach ground troops.

It is also important to upgrade troops. Your troops should be at the maximum level to attack the base with a high defense. Use bills to speed up your upgrade. We have a solution for those of you who do not have enough bills for upgrade purposes. You can use the Army of Heroes Cheat that we created in 2018. Well, now you know the exact attacking technique.

Attack Techniques

This is the hard part you should know. You should not lose your army in vain. When entering the battlefield, first destroy tower survive the most powerful enemy and difficult to reach with a fighter, then lower your tank. Wait until the tower withstands the enemy firing at the tank and immediately lower your damaging troop. Your main target is the towers to survive the enemy. By destroying them first it will be easy for you to devour the enemy camp. Getting three stars is no longer a difficult thing.

Well, that’s tips and tricks that we can convey to you. Follow everything we are instructing then you will easily win every game. Maybe so for this article. If there is any question you can write it in the comment field below. You can also read other information about reviews, hack and glitch, and guide. We provide all the information about your game. Find it all just here.


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