Are you a poor man? Do not have money to buy money packs? Do not worry because we will be present as a hero for you :). In 2018, we created Berzerk Ball 2 Cheat where you can get free unlimited Money Packs. We have also done hacking, so you can use it on Android and iOS platform. You do not have to worry about your platform, cause our tool supported all platform.

This cheat we finished after spending four days. Within two days we managed to hack the game’s main server, then we replaced a series of codes that dealt with the main data from the amount of money, accounts, and platform types. This takes about a day. The next stage is refinement. Once access is open, we design a generator as a concrete manifestation of the codes we compile. Now you can enjoy the results.

Is this cheat real? Do not ask anything ridiculous. Of course, our tool is genuine. Do you want proof? We will give the proof. Previously we have tested our tools by sharing them on Facebook. This is their response to our tool.

How about you? Are you interested in using our tools? just try it and see for yourself to get free money packs.

Use Our Cheat Now!

If you want to use our tool, all you have to do is press ‘Access Now!’ button below. After that run the generator according to the steps that have been shown. To facilitate you we have also created a guide.

Guide to Running Cheat

If you have pressed the button above, follow these steps. Not difficult to run it, you just need to be careful in filling out the form. So, are you ready? Let’s do it.

  1. For the first, click the connect button;

  1. Wait a minute, as long as our generator connecting to a game server. After it, click proceed;

  1. Here you need to select the number of money pack. Click generate then;

  1. Enter your username and select the platform. Make sure you fill it correctly, then click continue;

  1. Be patient, wait until your request is completed in the process. Next, Complete the simple steps given;

  1. Enjoy your free money packs. Check your account now!

Our Cheat Advantage

Our cheat system is equipped with diverse functions. There is a function of protection, facilitate access, speed up the process of hacking until the system that contains unique features that we apply to the generator. Here we will let you know which system makes our tool superior in comparison with other tools.

Protection System

  1. Encryption system
  2. IG-1 invisible hack
  3. Phyton Sonar XXI
  4. No root and install
  5. No Jailbreak or phishing

Access System

  1. K-One Speed Up
  2. C2-Lite Speed

Generator System Features

  1. The most advanced cheat works in 2018
  2. No survey or Human Verification
  3. Facebook online chat
  4. Live Chat
  5. Recent Activity, live gift announcement

Supported Platform

As we have already mentioned that our device is support for Android and iOS. Though we spent more time hacking the code for iOS. Both algorithms on two platforms are very different. iOS has a much better defense system making it more difficult to hack. However, it does not mean it can not because we finally managed to hack.

Probably amongst you who have low reply :), we will let you know that your emulator users can also access our tools. As long as your platform operating system is the same as Android and iOS, then you can use Berzerk Ball 2 Cheat as you like to get unlimited money packs for free.

You need to know that we have been working with hackers for more than three years. Our experience has practically led us to become reliable programmers. Right now we are developing an FPS game that we named Death of Army. Pray for us that no hackers will be able to hack our game system (We are afraid someone will repay our crime, LOL). So many that we can explain, if there is less pleasing in your heart we apologize. Thank you for visiting and reading the article on



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