Cartoon Wars Hack

This game is suitable to play to fill your spare time. Although simple, however, the features presented are quite unique. Here we will fight against the enemies by summoning the subtle creatures using mana. The creatures you can call are ninja, fighter, witch angel and golem. The power of the creature you can call depends on which one you use. Therefore it is important for you to upgrade where your tower. In addition, there are many items that you should upgrade including castle walls, arrow rocket launcher, and bougauge. It is also important for you to unlock troops and increase their level.

For this purpose, of course, requires a lot of gold. You can just collect the gold, but the time required is not small. It’s waste of your time. To help solve your problem we have created an online generator. You can use our Cartoon Wars Hack Tool to get unlimited gold amount for free.

The Steps Using Our Hack

We do not like to make our hack users have trouble. That’s why we design it as simple as possible. To be able to access it you just need to press the button below. Then follow each instruction given. We also include stages of description and pictures to run it. Hope can facilitate you in accessing our generator.

  1. Press the access now button above to enter the generator, then click connect;

  1. Wait until our generator connects to game server, then click proceed;

  1. Choose the golds amount you want, then click generate;

  1. Fill username and type of platform you use, then click continue;

  1. Wait some time as long as our generator processes your request, then check I’m not a robot and then select the right pictures;

  1. Now open your game account and check your gold amount. We’ve added it to your game account inventory.

Proof of the Truth of Our Hack

We do not like to lie to the public. It will damage the reputation of our programmers and drop our rating in the eyes of our visitors. Thus our sequence in the google search engine will decrease. That is a bad thing for us. Therefore we always try to be the best and give evidence not just promise. You can find out our truth from their comments below. They are all people who managed to get free gold after using our cheat.

About Our Hack

Our hack is a generator that you can access online. The way it works is simple. First, we unload the database from the main game server. Then we replace some of the algorithm code layers to infiltrate them. Thus, we can access the data in the game. When someone uses our generator, their request will be accepted as a code for some gold and automatically entered into the game data system. After that our system will work and send some gold to your account. That’s the mechanism that runs on our generator.

Our hack also has advanced features and strict security system. Here is a description.

    1. Anti-track. We compile algorithm codes that keep changing automatically, so the game developers can not track the whereabouts of our hack.
    2. Works in 2018. We have updated our generator along with the game’s updates. So we guarantee our cheats works.
    3. Easy to use. You just need to run the simple steps listed.
    4. No survey and human verification. We always prioritize your convenience in accessing our devices.
    5. Latest Avast anti-virus. We have completed our hack with the latest antivirus. Therefore there is no virus that will land on your device.
    6. No jailbreak. We always maximize the protection of your account and your privacy.
    7. No Install. No need to install to access our generator. In contrast to our device mods more accessible.
    8. No root. If you root, you have removed the security system from your platform. Usually needed root on other hack-hack. This is very not recommended because your device will be threatened by virus attacks, phishing, even you can lose your device warranty.

Hacked vs In-app Purchase

It is not expensive to upgrade or unlock an item. The number of coins you need to buy is not much so that the price is affordable. However, do you just want to upgrade or unlock one item only? Of course not. Lots of items that you have to upgrade and unlock in this game. Therefore we recommend cheating. Thus, you do not need to spend a lot of money to upgrade your items.

Supported Devices on Our Hack Tool

This game can only be played on Android and iOS, so we designed our hack to be used on both devices. There is no difference in running it. But you do not forget to choose the right platform when accessing our cheat. Choose the platform in accordance with the device you have to avoid errors.


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