Cartoon Wars Banner Review

Hello guys, welcome back to In this session, we will discuss game cartoon wars. Many who do not know how cool to play this game, that’s why we will give her review. This game was released by Gamevil. Until now it has been downloaded by more than 10 million Android users and 6 million iOS users. When we combine the number of players from both users of this device then the number reached 16 million. Quite a lot is not it? Of course, because this game including the most popular game even still exists until 2018. Therefore we recommend you to try it.

Cartoon Wars Gameplay

In this game, you will be invited to fight against enemy troops. You can make your own troops by using mana where produced by mana tower. Here your mission is to destroy your opponent castle. Do not let your opponent penetrate your castle or you will lose. For that, you need to unlock and upgrade your units. You also need Forging Stone to unlock troops. Complete your mission before 10 minutes to get the Forging Stone. Read how to play Cartoon Wars for more information about gameplay

Cartoon Wars Stage

stage 160 after hack gold

There are 200 stages to complete in this game. Quite a lot is not it? At each stage, you will find enemies that are unique and different from previous enemies. It makes you not bored to play. Actually, we have written articles about Cartoon wars tips and tricks. There you can read more information about the strategies that must be done to clear and conquer all stages. The highest stage ever achieved is the stage 160. High enough, is not it?

The Key to Victory

It’s simple to win the battle. All you have to do is fight and collect gold. With the gold, you can upgrade your units to become more powerful. However, to collect lots of gold is not easy. From one game maybe gold that you can collect is just enough to upgrade 3 to 4 units. If you want additional gold, you can visit our hack tool which is an online generator. Use it to get the unlimited gold amount.

That’s the review we can share with you. Maybe useful. You can also visit our other articles to get information from other games. This site contains a variety of information about the game. All you need is to find it here.


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