Tips and Trick Cartoon Wars

Welcome to our site Cartoon wars lovers. In this session, we will share tips and tricks to quickly complete every stage of this game. You must know there is a time limit for completing each stage. Not infrequently people who failed to complete the stage because of time out or failed to acquired Forging Stone cause playing it exceeds the specified time limit. In this case, that’s waste our time. Especially when you play at the high-level stage. To help you resolve this problem, we finally decided to write this article. We are sure you will get enlightenment after reading this article.

Before going into the discussion, we tell you that these tips and tricks we make for those who have understood how to play this game. If you are a beginner, you can read Cartoon Wars Tutorial 2018 before to get an explanation of how to play this game. Well, go back to the topic of discussion. Here we separate the tips and tricks into two main points. Please read to get an explanation of our strategy.

Cartoon Wars Tips: Clear All Stages

stage 160 after hack gold

No difficult to play this game. It’s easy to complete every given stage. All you need is to know the key. One of them is knowing how much strength you are. We will give you tips on this case. Actually, this is related to the upgrade process. If you are upgrading with the right steps, then your attack power and defense will quickly increase.

So how is the right step for the upgrade process? Okay, we will start to explain it in more detail. Keep in mind that every step we provide applies to upgrading activities. Please read the following description.

  1. First, Upgrade your troops, then use the rest of gold to upgrade gold productivity. By continuously upgrading gold productivity, the amount of gold you earn from each battle will continue to grow. This will help upgrade your units and troops.
  2. After that regain the gold by doing battle. Use the gold you get to upgrade which tower. By upgrading where the tower is, you can increase the production speed and capacity to accommodate. Thus, the time of troop production and the quantity of your troop will increase. Do not forget to use Forging Stone to unlock new troops.
  3. Do this continuously. This is the cycle you have to live. What about defense? According to us in this game, upgrading the defense is no more important than upgrading troops. The reason is that the strong troops can withstand the movement of enemy forces to approach our tower. However, we still have to upgrade the defense. The important thing to be up is the damage, range, and fire speed of our arrows. Do a little upgrade on them if you have the rest of the gold.
  4. This is the most powerful tips and if you use these, forget the cycle we explained above. Actually, we have created a hack tool from this Cartoon Wars game. You can get free unlimited gold by visiting our generator. To get access, just visit the Cartoon Wars Hack Tool. We have upgraded on our hack, so it can be used in 2018. Well, by cheating gold, you do not need to be confused about an upgrade. Just press to upgrade all troops and units

Cartoon Wars Tricks: Conquer the Stages

The explosion of troops

Talking tricks is about dealing with dexterity. We have secrets so that you can easily conquer any enemy castles. It’s just a matter of logic. In match 1 vs 1 when both units of troops are equally strong then the game will end in a draw. What will happen if troops fight 2 vs 2? Of course, the result is the same draw. Now if the troops fight 3 vs 2, who will win is a team with 3 members. Well, what do you get from our statement? Right, in this game we play with quantity. Save your mana for a moment until the enemy troops come to your tower. You can hit them using the arrow while collecting. Well, if it is already quite a lot of where collected. Make an explosion of troops. With the explosion of this troop, the enemy troop that only amounted to one or two people will be easy you conquered. You will easily repel them. If you have been in this condition, keep increasing your troops. You can also insert troops with high hitpoints like a golem as a shield for your other troops.

That’s the tips and tricks we can give you. By applying our suggestions, it is guaranteed you will easily conquer each castle and complete the stages. Collecting Forging Stone will be faster. If you want information for other games like hack, cheats, tips and tricks, guide or tutorial, and review the game, you can visit our homepage That’s all we want to say. Hopefully this article useful for you.


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