Cartoon War Tutorial

This game was released by Ubisoft last year and until 2018, still remains crowded played. Despite having a simple graphics, this game is very fun to play. Here your mission is to complete each stage. For that, you need to prepare your troops, know which functions, functions arrow and other. First time playing maybe you will be confused about what you should do. That’s why we’re writing this article. In this article will be explained in detail about the features and how to play Cartoon Wars to complete a stage.

So, are you a new player of this game? If true, you are not wrong to visit this article because we will explain the guide or tutorial to play on you. If you are not a beginner and your goal is to find tips or tricks, please visit the Cartoon Wars Tips and Trick article we have written.

Various Menu Features

There are six menus in this game are New Game, Config, Ranking, Continue, Help, and Community. The function of the new game is to repeat the game from the first stage. So do not hit the new game if you do not want to lose the history of the stage you have completed. Then Config function is for setting your game. You can set difficulty, sound, scroll map and so on. Ranking serves to see your position from the entire Cartoon Wars player in the world. Continue to continue your game. Help is a guide to how to play the game, you should read this to know how to play. Last is the community to interact with other players.

Go to the Battle and Complete the Stage

If you have never played on the stage choose new game and if you ever finish a stage select continue. Click battle to fight. Your mission is to destroy the enemy castle. Make your troops by pressing the cards at the bottom. Notice where you are. Which tower you towed. You can only make troops when you have enough. Use the arrow to help attack the enemy. The direction of the arrow attack you can change by shifting the direction sign on the left side of your screen. Make as many troops as possible in order to destroy the enemy castle.

Upgrade Your Units

It is important to upgrade the unit. The higher your stage level the stronger your enemy will be. Therefore do upgrades to troops, arrows, towers and other. Thus you can win every given stage. For troops, you need Forging Stone to unlock. Forging Stone can be obtained by completing the stage.

How to Get Gold

For the upgrade, of course, you need gold. Gold can be earned by winning the battle on every stage. But the amount of gold obtained very small. This makes you slow to upgrade your units. We advise you to buy gold or use the hack tool. Thus all units can be upgraded, so that your attack and defense strength increases. Actually, we have released a hack tool in the form of an online generator that you can use to get unlimited gold for free. Our generator has been updated and can be used in 2018. You can access our Cartoon Wars hack tool by clicking the link!

That is the tutorial that we can explain about this game. I hope can help you to play it. If you have questions about this Cartoon Wars game, you may discuss it with us. Just leave your question in the comment field below. We all administrators will always support you. That’s all we can say. Congratulations on playing your game.


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