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Hello soldier, welcome back to This time we will discuss a legendary FPS game that is Critical Ops. Although it has long been released this game still survive, even more, and more players. This game is available for various platforms among other Android, iOS, and Windows. What is interesting is that all players from the platform can meet each other. So whenever and wherever you can still fight alongside your friends.

In this session, we will provide a review of the game. Probably many of you who do not know this game, or you just play it. Here our task is to explain the picture of this game to you. Let’s check it out.

Game Review

In the first play, you will undergo a tutorial first. You will learn how to use weapons, put a bomb and defuse the bomb in this tutorial. After you graduate, then you will be able to join other players to fight for victory points. There are several war modes that you can choose such as deathmatch and bomb mission.

Deathmatch Mode

In this mode, your mission is to get kills as many as you can. You must be able to move quickly in dodge and shoot, otherwise, you will quickly die. Try to always direct your shot to the head. If you can do it then the enemy will immediately die with one shot you. The final result of the match is determined by the number of kills the team gets. The team with the highest number of kills will win.

Bomb Mission Mode

This is a mode of war that is of great interest. Playing with friends is more effective in this fashion. Here your task is to defuse or put the bomb. Make a defuse when you become the police and put the bomb when you become a terrorist. We suggest you invite your friends if you want to play this mode. Playing together will facilitate communication between you so your team will be more compact.

In addition to playing with friends, another thing that will help you in the war is the damage level of your weapon. Use credits to upgrade your weapons. If you lack credits just visit Critical Ops Hack No Survey.

Up Date 2018

critical ops new map

What’s different from the previous year? Actually, there is not much different in terms of gameplay. But in terms of features, there are many new ones, among them the maps, missions, and weapons. Now your battle is supported by new, more sophisticated equipment as well as more interesting maps.

So, are you interested to play this game? Just download it and play. In the next article, we will tell you about tips and tricks to play this game. We will explain how to be a pro player. Look forward to our next article. See you again.


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