Critical Ops Hack

Critical Ops is an FPS game that carries the theme of war in real time like Counter-Strike and Point Blank. The graphics presented so sharply that nowadays, the shooting games lovers are gamely playing it. Simple dashboard design makes users more quickly understand the functions of various menus in it. The platform that supports this game is Android and iOS. There is a uniqueness that sets it apart from other games where Android and iOS users can meet each other. Thus users are free to choose the platform they want.

The features contained in this game is interesting. For example, clans feature that allows you to battle with your clan. You can either join a clan or set up your own clan. To set up a clan you will be charged 1000 credits. This Credits can be obtained by paying the developer using real money. There are many other features that involve the use of credits such as designing a weapon, and a purchase case containing various prizes in a secret box. To solve the problem of using credits we have designed a hack tool. Thus you can get for free unlimited credits that you can use to purchase various equipment and your needs in this game.

Critical Ops Hack

Our hack is simple to use. We have designed it in such a way that the user is easy and convenient for accessing it. In addition, we have installed a protection system so that our generator is safe from attacks of various types of viruses and malware. For more information, you can read the information below.


  1. The hack tool is an online generator so you do not need to download to access it. Unlike the mods, you should install it. Mods usually contain lots of viruses and ads. You can not prevent the virus from entering your device because you have to install mods first to use.
  2. Our generator supports Android and iOS platform. Usually most cheats only support for iOS. There are still not many programmers who understand how to create cheats for androids. That’s why we program our hack tool for support on all devices.
  3. No survey and human verification here. You will have no trouble filling out surveys and human verification on our generators.


  1. We have installed anti-virus and anti-malware on our device so that the security of your device is guaranteed.
  2. No jailbreak. We guarantee the security of your account completely. You will not find phishing on our generator. Phishing will only happen when you reveal your email and password. We never ask you to do something like that. You just enter username and number of credits you want.

How to Hack

Click the access now button above then Follow each step given to get unlimited credits for free:

  1. After you open our generator, click connect;

  1. Wait until our server connects to game server, then click proceed;

  1. Now select the credits amount you want, then click generate;

  1. Fill the username of your account and select the platform used, then click continue;

  1. Wait a while until the cheating process is complete;

  1. Check I’m not a robot then follow the instructions given;

  1. Open your game and enjoy your credits given.

Goals We Create the Cheats

For the upper-class people, buying some credits is not a problem. However, for ordinary people, it would be hard to spend money from their wallets. Therefore, we created this hack with the intention of helping you who feel heavy to make payment. Then, what benefits do we receive? A large number of visitors to our websites will increase our traffic. This will make our website still exist in the top position of the google search engine. Thus the donors will be more and more and we will be better known. That’s the mutual relationship between us and our hack users.

Their Comments After Using Our Cheats

Everyone would want proof before trying a product. We are sure you want to use a quality product. Therefore we include the evidence. This is their comment after using our hack.




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