guide Critical Ops

How long have you played this game? How much did you win and how many you lost? Is your winning amount greater than your loss? If you reap more defeats than victory, you should immediately consult with a pro player or read articles that explain Critical Ops Tips and Tricks or the strategy. This will help you increase the number of wins.

This article we have published in 2018. Here, we will guide you to maximize the game. Of course after you know the tips and tricks. We will not repeat the subject of that. This is a guide for those of you who have long played the game. This is the implementation of the tips and tricks we gave earlier. Well, let’s discuss more deeply. We have divided the guide into chapters.

Choosing the Weapon is Right for You

You certainly have tried various weapons available in this game such as sniper, shotgun, submachine, and assault. Well, it’s great for you to use all these weapons. However, we suggest that you focus on becoming an expert on one of these weapons. So if you feel expert in using sniper be a sniper. If you like being a close-range fighter wear shotgun and support equipment such as smoke bombs, grenades, knives, and pistols are the equipment you need as a close-range fighter. If you are a medium-range fight then use assault or submachine.

It is also important to modify your weapons. Upgrade your favorite weapon. If you do not use cost credits. Please visit the following link to get Critical Ops Unlimited Credits. Well, now you are free to buy weapons. Just practice your hone skills.

Join In Clans

This is important for you to do. By clumping into clans you will get more fighting experience. We can also maximize attacks because it has understood the character of our friends. Mutually understand each other and create the best attack. That’s the other key you can do to win.

Maintaining Body Condition

This is often overlooked by gamers. Yet this is very important. Healthy conditions will make us more able to concentrate, our reflex movement is better than the less healthy people. For example, as a result of most staying up. People like this despite their champions have a lower concentration level than those who maintain their health.

Another thing you should consider is limiting play time. Playing too much will not help you become a pro player. What makes you a pro player is, understanding the weapons, adding to the experience by playing with the good guys and the quality of the weapons.

That’s our guide on how to maximize your attacks. Maybe useful. Do not forget to visit our other articles. Find all your games on, we’re always up to date with you.


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