Dream League Soccer 2017 is one of the greatest football games on the smartphone. This game is really exciting because it is very similar to the football game on the console. But, some players are still confused in choosing the right formation for their team. At the end, they keep losing and losing, and finally, they cannot make a good progress. But, we are here to help all of you who have the same problem. We will share some of the best formations for your team. Now, let us check it out.

The Best Formations

Below here, we have three formations that you could use depending on your team’s characteristic. We have the attacking, defending, and balance formation that may suitable for your team.

Attacking Formation (4-3-3)

4-3-3 formation

If you are a kind of person who likes to attack more than to defend, you better use this formation. This one is really suitable for the team which has a lot of attacking players such as center forward, winger, or second striker. With three players up front and three in the middle to support them, your team would be a huge threat for the opponent and you just need to wait for the goals.

Defending Formation (5-3-2)

5-3-2 formation

For you who have more defensive players like center back and fullback, this one should be the first choice. By using this formation, you can place a lot of defensive players at the back where you can put three center backs with two as the fullback. Also, your team will be supported by the two or three holding midfielders that of course, will strengthen your defense.

Balance Formation (3-4-3)

3-4-3 formation

The last is the balance formation. We highly recommend this formation because we think that this one is the most effective for both attacking and defending. The two wide players in the middle are the key in this formation. They will go up and down to help our attack and defense. So, we will attack with five and defend with the same number as well. If you like a formation that is good for both attack and defends, this one should be your first choice.


Actually, every formation is good. It depends on our players and how we can make use the formation. If we can use it very well, we will get a good result at the end. So, just choose your formation wisely and make sure to analyze the need of your team first before choosing.


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