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Having difficulty playing? Do not worry because NielGaming is here to fix your problem. We have recently updated our guide to this game. In 2018, we will provide guidance to play this game. Hopefully, you will better understand how to win the battle in this game.

What we will explain is how to play. You need to know the right ways to conquer the enemy. By applying the winning percentage we guarantee you will improve. So, are you ready to read our guide? If so, let’s move on to the main topic.

There are several things you should consider to win, such as arenas, vehicle type, equipment, and items. You should be able to know these four things. Here we will describe in more detail.


Well, there is the various arena in this game. Starting from the arena full of obstacles, extreme until the standard arena. To face the enemy on the arena with an uneven surface then you must be careful in spurring your vehicle. Notice when a protruding surface will make you jump. This we can make a way to lure the enemy. Let the enemy jump, we just need to touch a little to shake it to fall into the abyss.

If you are fighting in the arena that has a flat surface. You need to choose a large vehicle. Here you will clash with power. It will be difficult for small vehicles to compete here. Therefore rotate the prize machine so you can get items to unlock large vehicles. If you are short of coins please visit Drive a Head Hack Coins. You can get unlimited coins there.

Vehicles type

Well, we explained earlier that big cars will determine the power of an attack. But not forever big vehicles can win. There are a variety of mods that will make it difficult for you to touch the rider. The rider is in a difficult position to hit. It will be a hassle when you are fighting with this kind of rider on an extreme map. In order to better understand you please read the following Drive a Head Tips and Tricks.

You also have to keep unlocking the vehicle. If you continue to do so you will get a legendary vehicle. See the picture below. This is the secret of the secrets you need to know. Using this vehicle is guaranteed you will always win in every game.

Equipment and Items

This is important for your attention. With your equipment will come up with greater strength and defense. In addition, it is necessary to bring a number of items in combat. Items you can use to trap the enemy. For example by carrying a bomb, or a mine. This will be very helpful when you are pressed or when you are strategizing.

Well, now its time for you to act to defeat your enemies. If you have any other questions please write in the comment field below. You can also read other articles about hack, reviews, tips and tricks, and guide for your game. Find it only at


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