Despite having a simple display, this game is quite interesting to play. No wonder this time more than 10 million Android users have downloaded this game. In this game, we will fight against the enemy 1 vs 1. We will drive a vehicle and fight face to face with the enemy. Our job is to hit the driver, push him into a trap or throw him off the track.

To achieve victory you need to be careful running the vehicle. It takes skill to control the rate, so your punch can be right about the enemy driver. In addition, you need a variety of items to unlock the collection of vehicles, helmets, and arenas. By unlocking these items, the ability of attack and defense to be better. Unfortunately, to do unlock, you need the bolts. The bolts can be obtained by rotating Prize Machine and required coins to play Prize Machine. Coins can indeed be obtained from every game you win. But to be able to unlock all of the items would require a lot of coins. Therefore, we create Drive a Head hack tool. So you can get unlimited coins for free.

About Our Hack

The hack we created is an online generator. So, you do not need to install it on your device. In addition, our generator can be accessed freely. You can do the cheating process many times without any restrictions. This is different with mods apk. You have to install first to make it work. Usually, mods contain lots of viruses. Since you have to install these mods, the entry of viruses cannot be prevented. That’s why we do not recommend to use it.

Now, this is the time to use our generator. To get access, you can press the button below.

Steps to Run Our Hack

Actually, we have designed this hack for easy use. However, in order to better understand, we include this guide. Here are the steps to run it.

  1. After you open our generator, click connect button;

  1. Wait until our tool connect to the game server, then click proceed;

  1. Select the number of coins you want, then click generate;

  1. Input username and select your platform, then click continue;

  1. Check I’m not a robot and complete the instruction there;

  1. Now, you already have passed all the stages and a number of coins have been sent to your account. Let’s open your game, check your coins, and enjoy your game.


What is Interesting From Our Hack?

We have equipped it with some features and installed security. For more details, you can read the benefits below.

Hack Features

  1. No survey or human verification you will encounter;
  2. Support for all type of android device;
  3. No need to download. We have created our generators to use online;
  4. Easy to use. You just need to do the simple instructions listed;
  5. Up to date. We always check and update our generator every week.

Security Guarantees

  1. We have installed Norton Internet Deluxe 2018 on our generator. So, that’s free from malware virus;
  2. No jailbreak. It is free from phishing activities;
  3. Equipped Encryption system which will protect your account from being banned by the game developer.

The Reason for Using Our Hack

Our cheats consist of a series of algorithms compiled by reliable programmers. By using the composition of these codes, we can enter the database of the game. So, do not be surprised why we can send unlimited coins for free for your account. In addition, we always check every week to ensure our links are not disabled by the google search engine.

Hacked Game vs In-App Purchase

Nothing wrong if you want to buy legally coins in this game. However, how much money do you have to spend? To unlock some items, maybe money spent only slightly. But how much money should you spend to unlock all the existing items? Of course, the price is very expensive. So I suggest you to use our generator to save your money.

The Support Device

This hack support for all types of Android devices. Maybe some of you are playing using the android emulator on PC. It is can also be used on this platform. When you play using android select the Android platform to access the generator and choose iOS for you who play on emulator in PC

Their Comment Is a Proof

Of course, you need proof before using our cheat. That is why we will provide such evidence. Below we are comments from our generator users. You can see for yourself. They managed to get unlimited coins for free. So what about you?


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