drive a head tips and tricks

Hello everyone, welcome back to Now I will explain tips and tricks to play this game. I have a great strategy for you so you can win games in all battlegrounds. Want to know what kind of strategy is that? Well, before you continue reading this article, you should read the previous article about Drive a Head Game Review. This article is a continuation of the article. By reading the review, you will better understand what I will say here.

Let’s just go straight to the main topic guys. Here I separate the tips and tricks into two main points. Thus you will better understand the overall strategy that I will explain. Let’s check it out.

Drive a Head Tips

You know what to do to win the game. To win we must be able to kill the enemy driver. No matter what way you do what matters is the dead enemy. You can topple enemies into the abyss, you can hit enemy drivers, you can put mines, bombs and so on.

It is important for you to upgrade your vehicle. The vehicle is your strength. Do not keep using small vehicles, use large vehicles to repel enemies. To upgrade you need to play prize machine. By rotating you will get the items you need for the upgrade. You need coins to play this machine. If you are short on coins please visit our hack tool and get free unlimited coins for your account.

Drive a Head Tricks

After reading the tips, do you want the tricks? Of course, it is. Well, I will explain the tricks to win all the games now. Do you know that larger vehicles can drive smaller vehicles? Well, when you find an opponent that has a smaller vehicle. Do not get too passionate. You have to keep calm. Let your enemy hit you with all your might. The likelihood that the enemy is overturned or remains stable. When the enemy stays stable all you have to do is push him on and off the track. Believe that larger vehicles will be able to drive smaller vehicles.

Well, what if our smaller vehicles? All you have to do is move agile. Do not crash your car because you will not win. Encourage the enemy to spur his vehicle with all his might. When he was about to crash. Run your vehicle on the road uphill and jump over it. Thus he will not be able to brake and get into the abyss. Or if the road is grooved, you can hide in the grooves and block the path so that the enemy loses balance.

So tips and tricks from me. Do what I say. Guaranteed you will win. Do not forget to always upgrade and exercise. It is also very important for you. Experience playing is the most telling strategy you have to do. A few articles for this time. See you later in other articles.


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