Welcome to NielGaming Hunters Dude Theft Auto Cheat. On this occasion, we will share how to get unlimited cash for free to your account. This is the latest update of the cheat. Unfortunately, only Android devices can access it. We apologize to you iOS users or other platforms users because they have not been able to provide hacking access for you.

For your android users be prepared to access the cheat. The way you need to do is quite simple. You just need to go through several steps to get what you want. In the next discussion, we will provide guidance for you to use the tool. But before that we want you to know that the tool has been tested. We have previously shared it on the official hack fan page of the game. This is their response to successfully obtaining cash for free on their account.

Until now, we have not found a complaint related to the cheat. We are grateful for that. That’s why we decided to publish it publicly through this article.

Cheat Right Now!

Now we will share your access link. You need to know that the cheat you have access has been designed to be an online generator. Equipped with various features that serve to maintain security and provide comfort for you. You also do not need to root, download or install anything. Simply access it online. Well, please press the following button to go to the generator.

Guide to Running Cheat

So that you do not misstep in running this tool, we have prepared the guide for you. We equip it with pictures so you will understand easily. Here are six simple steps to get unlimited cash for free. Follow each of the steps we will explain below.

  1. After getting access press Connect so you can connect to the server.

  1. To start the hacking process press Proceed.

  1. Enter the amount of cash you need in the column then press Generate to go to the next step.

  1. Enter the email and platform you are using, when you finish you can go to the next step by pressing Continue.

  1. Wait a few minutes until the process below is done.

  1. And lastly, you can see your account that has been filled cash.

Cheat Features

Features that serve to maintain the security is IG-1 Invisible, Encryption System, and Ajax Anti-malware. To speed up the process of hacking there is K-one Lite Speed and Torax LC-6. To facilitate access there live chat, live facebook comment, live announcement of the gift recipient. Actually, there are many other features that we do not mention. But that’s the excellent features that we apply to the generator as a form of service for you.

No Survey or Human Verification

We have also removed this system. You will not find any survey or human verification on the cheat. Its purpose is to give you convenience when accessing the tool. Of course, you know how troublesome these two things. In addition, you also will not experience jailbreak or phishing. We never ask you to enter a password from your account, therefore you do not have to worry about your account security. Remember do not ever access a cheat that asks you to enter a password from your game account email. Certainly, this is one form of phishing where your account will be taken over by a party.

Buy Legally or Use Cheat?

We know that using cheats is an illegal act. However, are you willing to throw away your money just to buy cash? What do you get from buying the cash? In fact, you will not be able to buy all items in the game. You need to buy many times to be able to have it all. Well, so how much money will you spend?

We just provide an alternative to you by making the cheat. Not just free, you can also access it as many times as you want. Thus all your needs in playing this game will be fulfilled without the need to spend any money. However, all we give back to you because you will take the decision.


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