Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

When playing FF (Final Fantasy), the hardest obstacles is about the battle. If you do not prepare for the worst, be ready to lose the battle. Right now, we want to offer you a help to guide you through this game. We will focus on the battle part because it is the most important aspects. Without further ado, let us jump to the battlefield right away.

Battle Guide

If you do not want your character meet their dead end, following our guide is a must. The strategy which we want to tell you is the best one. Because of that, we can withstand the harsh of the battlefield.

Healing Items

Do not forget each time before you go to the dungeon, check your items supplies. We recommend you bring a healing item along with an item which can cure a status ailment. Especially, when you fight a boss which can deal status ailments. Just focus your one or two characters for support (Heal another member) and the rest of your party is attacking the boss. Revive item is quite useful when you find an enemy that can instantly kill your party.

Use Libra or Analyze


The function of this skill is to analyze the enemy information. From the weakness, status parameter, EXP, and Item drop rate. Just equip this skill to your support characters. But, if you have a healer character, you can use this immediately. Believe it or not, this kind of skill is really useful. But, when you fight the boss, the weakness of it will not appear at all. As for the normal enemies, you can check the full details about them.

Steal an Enemy Items

This is what makes FF games become really great. You can steal all the enemy item. Of course, the probability of it not 100%. Sometimes, an enemy will bring an item which increases their status. Use the steal command to obtain the item. Not only that but also you will decrease the enemy’s power.

Unleash Your Character’s Limit Burst

limit burst

Limit Burst or also known as the special skill in this game. Each character has different Limit Burst. But, the activation of the skill is same for all characters. We recommend you use this one when fighting the boss. You will waste all the Limit Burst gauge on normal enemies. For a reminder, before you fight a superior enemy. Do not forget to max out the gauge to get an advantage in battle.

Esper Summon

The mythical animal from FF series. As for us, we use the Esper as the support for the party member. We are sure some of you think it is better to change the role of Esper to become an attacker. Of course, we think differently about that matter. Your character already has the Limit Burst which can deal devastating damage. So, the Esper task is to support the party like healing and status buff.

Final Thought

That is the simple Final Fantasy Brave Exvius guide. Now, you can rest assured when battling against the enemy in this game. It is up to you wants to follow our method or not. The choice is yours.


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