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Who doesn’t know about Final Fantasy game? The successful game that developed by Square Enix really captivate everyone heart and change the perspective of RPG game. Now, not only comes into video game console but, FF series once again spread their name through smartphone game. Of course, you know Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, right? If so, you won’t come here in the first place. The main reason I create this article because I want to give you something important. Yeah, I want to give you Final Fantasy Brave Exvius hack. With it, you can generate free lapis as many times as possible.

About Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

This game directly developed by Square Enix. I’m sure you don’t need to doubt the quality of the game. If you ever classic FF game, this one is similar to that plus cinematic event (3D). The battle using turn based system, so it’s bit different from old FF game. You can meet all the old FF characters until the new one. So, it’s like a dream come true, you can party with Lightning, Cloud, Noctis and others character in one game! I can guarantee the game won’t make you bored easily, why? There are many things you can do. If you’re fans of FF series, I really recommend this game for you.

final fantasy brave exvius gameplay

The Importance of Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Lapis

For you who don’t know about the importance of lapis, I will tell you all of it. Of course, I won’t give any details about it, I only choose the important one. Okay, that’s enough talk, just scroll down below to see the important function of it.

Summon Your Heroes

This what makes lapis become the core of the game. Of course, when playing the game like this, having a new character that can help your party member is really crucial. What can you do if you don’t have strong character? Of course, it will be hard to progress in the game. That’s why I recommend you to save the lapis as much as you can before summoning the hero.

Refill Your Energy

With the lapis, you can fully refill your energy. The cost that you need to prepare is around 100 lapis. So, if you want still play the game, just use it especially in the story chapter because you can get lapis too. So, you won’t lose too much lapis.

Revive your character when dies

Not only your HP who get fully but also the special gauge and Esper also fully healed. So, in the very first turn, you can unleash devastating move to the opponents.

Unlock Another Vortex of Desires

This is the important place to get your resource. But, you have a limit how many times you can enter per day. That’s the role of lapis to unlock more challenge in Vortex of Desires.

Increase Storage Capacity 

Increase the storage capacity of your heroes, items, weapon and etc. Of course, you feel lazy to sell your useless unit everytime you don’t have enough capacity, right? if so, you can expand it with lapis. I really recommend it for you to do it early in the game. Because later you will get a bunch of heroes and I’m sure you will be confused about it.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Hack 2017 Proof

100% Working and Real

Not all users can believe it immediately. Of course, I know what you thinking. And I’m quite sad you don’t believe my hack (LOL). Relax guys, I already prepared the solid proof that can make you believe my generator immediately. Are you curious about it, just see the picture below, that’s the real proof that makes you believe 100%.

final fantasy brave exvius hack

Can you believe me now? Many users already tried it and the result really satisfying. Of course, as a fellow game, you can’t wait to try it for yourself, right? You don’t need to hide it from me, I know about it. But, before that, you need to see the Final Fantasy Brave Exvius hack generator features.

The Features of Final Fantasy Brave Hack

No Software Download Requires

My hack is different from another one. Why? If you decide to use my hack, you don’t need to download an additional program. You can use the generator just by clicking the link below and it’s done

Free From Virus

If you afraid your device will get infected by the virus, don’t worry about it. Thanks to Ajax antivirus, you can rest assured. With it, all kind of virus on this website will get erased immediately. My antivirus already protected one hundred more users from malware and any kind of threat.

Works Fine Android and iOS

This hack works fine on Android and iOS. You don’t need to worry. Also, you don’t need to fill in the survey or do any verification. I give you an easy access, so just relax and use lapis generator right away.

Guide to Use Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Lapis Generator

Guide 1

First of all, you need to click the  button. You can easily find the button below.

Guide 2

In this page, you need to click the start now button in order to proceed to the next page. Oh yeah, you need to see the status of my generator first. If it says “working” you can continue to the next page.

Guide 3

In this section, fill in your email address and username. Check it again, because if you make a mistake, you need to redo from the beginning. Of course, you don’t want that tragedy to happen, right?

Guide 4

After you fill in the email and username. Select the lapis amount that you need. For the first use, don’t use select it too much or your game will get an error message. So, please kindly avoid this one.

Guide 5

Check it again, after you already sure about your choice, you need to click the connect button below. You need to wait at least 15 secs to transfer the hack to your game account. Patient is the key in this steps (LOL)

Guide 6

After the hacking process completed. Open your game to check the Lapis amount that you input through my generator. Don’t forget to share it with your friends. They might need it

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