Fishing Hook Review

A new year does not mean everything is new. These unique games survive and exist for Android and iOS gamers. They race to remain the best game in the eyes of their game lovers. That’s why they are updating to keep customers playing their games. One of those games is Fishing Hook.

This year 2018, Fishing Hook game has got some renewal. Like more smoothed image viewing and adding new maps. The types of fish available are also more diverse. When you play this game, you will feel a sensation like real fishing. In this article we will share his latest review. Here is a description.

Gameplay Review

In this game, you will be invited to fishing in a water that contains many types of fish. You will sail to get the fish. Your mission is to collect the types of fish that are there. You can save the fish, sell it, or release it again. Each of these options will give you different rewards.

For fishing, all you have to do is press the fishing pole button and move it to center. Hold on for a moment and reach the furthest point of your throw. Wait for the fish to bait your bait. When the movement feels (the phone will vibrate) it signals your bait has been struck by the fish. Drag your hook slowly. Do not be too tight and do not be too loose because the fish will come off if you are less expert to set the saggy or straining rope.

Fishing Map

Until the last update of 2018, there were 11 maps of the Borneo Sea, Mauritius, Mediterranean Sea, Melaka, Coral Sea, Bering Sea, Caribbean Sea, North Sea, Arabian Sea, Florida Strait and Copacabana. Actually, this last map is still not released (Comming soon) but has appeared to make you curious about what kind of fish you can meet there.

Fishing Equipment

If you are fishing in the sea what kind of fishing pole will you use? and if you are fishing in the river, will you use the same fishing rod with the fishing rod that you use in the ocean? Certainly not. Similarly in this game. In the first map, you will fish in a place where the fish are not too big. Maybe your fishing rod will be resistant and will not be damaged to fish the fish in this place. However, unlike other maps. In the other maps (open map according to your account level) you will see bigger fish and maybe your fishing rod will not be able to survive to catch it. That’s why you need to upgrade your fishing rod.

To upgrade your fishing rod, you can visit the shop options. Here is available a variety of options ranging from hook, fishing rod, reel, bait, fishing line and so on. Always upgrade your fishing rod, thus your fishing rods can be used in waters that contain many types of powerful fish.

To upgrade, of course, you need coins. You can get coins by selling your catch, watch an ad, purchase or use a hack tool. We have released a hack tool that is an online generator. Here you can get coins for free. Please visit Fishing Hook Generator to get hack access.

So are you interested to play this game? If you are a fishing hobbyist, I suggest you try this game. You can feel the real sensation of fishing in this game. Prove yourself.

Maybe that’s what we can say. Hopefully, this review is useful for you. You can also read our other articles. We provide information on various games such as game hack, guide, review, and tips, and tricks. Our articles are always up to date. The information we provide is always fresh. Quality is central to


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