Fishing Hook Tips and Tricks 800

This is the most exciting fishing game which available for Android or iOS. Since the beginning of the release until now still, many people play it. This game is never dead. Updates always come from game developers, make gamers feel at ease play it. Especially for those who like fishing but do not have time to do it.

In the initial map (Borneo Sea) you probably will not have difficulty catching fish. But what about the other maps like the Bening Sea, the North Sea, and the Florida Strait? Of course not easy to catch fish there. That’s why we are here to help you. We will give you tips and tricks to get fishing in these high-difficulty folders. We recommend that you first read our previous article about Fishing Hook review if you are a beginner. Okay, we just discuss the strategy for playing this game.

Upgrade Fishing Tools

Here are the first tips to improve your fishing quality. By upgrading the fishing line, you will be more flexible in catching fish. Buy your fishing gear at the shop. Remember to replace all the equipment gradually starting from the thread, hook, bait until the stick. Here is your upgrade priority order. Keep collecting coins for the upgrade process. You can get coins by selling your catch. But we suggest that you do not sell your catch fish directly. It’s good you keep it first in the aquarium. Once your fish is at max level then sell your fish. You can speed up the growth rate of your fish by feeding them. This is a trick you can do to increase your gold income.

In addition to selling fish, you can get coins by completing the mission of each folder. Your mission is to catch or collect a variety of fish at a certain amount. This is certainly not a way that can be taken in a short time. We have a great way to get your coins quickly. Want to know how?

Here are two ways you can get coins quickly. The first way is to buy coins in the shop. The second way is to use the hack tool. Which way would you choose? It’s up to you, you are free to decide. But if you want to get free Fishing Hook unlimited coins, please use our hack tool. Here are another great tricks.

Level Up

It is also important for you to level up. High levels also determine the quality of your fishing. With rising levels than the pull, the strength, the throw in the fishing will be stronger. That’s why in this game listed recommended level recommendations to play on every map. Whenever you are fishing you will actually get exp to increase the level, but only slightly. If you want to quickly level up we have tips for you. All you have to do is release the caught fish (do not sell but released) and complete the mission on every map. The second point is the largest source of exp. Therefore prioritize this mission to be more quickly completed.

That’s the tips and tricks we can share with you. Maybe useful. If you want information about other games, there can look it up in our other articles. We NielGaming Crew always provide the latest for you. So do not worry about our stale news because we are always up to date.


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