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Who doesn’t know about Fruit Ninja hack? I’m sure you pretty familiar with this game. The game already gets many released version. You can find it on arcade, video game console and don’t forget about Android and iOS. Now, I’m here because I want to give you the easiest way to play the game. Actually, what kind of stuff that I will give you? Do you know about Startfruits? I’m sure you really know about it and that’s the stuff that I want to give today. Actually, without a starfruit, you can continue to enjoy the game. But, if you want all the problem solved immediately, you need to use Fruit Ninja hack generator.

Summary About Fruit Ninja Hack Generator

Now, I will tell you a little bit information about the game. Here, your task only slices the fruits that appeared on the screen. Everytime you do it, you will gain a score. But, you need to be wary with a bomb. If you hit, your time will decrease and if its reach zero the game of yours will end immediately. Oh yeah, you can also change the slash type. If you like the rainbow color you can change it. Of course, the score you will gain automatically increase. You can also access the multiplayer mode and you will face against others player real time.

How to Get Starfruits Easily in the Game?

For you who hate using hack, I have some way that you can apply to get it easily in the game. But, if you want to get it using hack, just skip this steps and continue below.

  • Objectives: When you want to get free starfruits you need to see the objectives of each stage. You can see the objective of each stage in the options menu. Don’t worry guys, the new objective will pop up even though you already finish the objective before.
  • Scoring: In each some stage, if you collect enough score points you will get starfruits as a reward. Of course, the amount of the starfruit that you will get depends on the scores. That’s why if you find special fruit don’t waste your time. Slice it right away to gain extra scores.
  • Gatsu (Shop): You can tap +sign on the starfruit icon and you will enter the shop. Sometimes Gatsu will reward you starfruits but the amount it depends. If you lucky you can get the tremendous amount of starfruits.

That’s the three ways to get Fruit Ninja Starfruits in this game. Of course, you will waste some of your time, if you decide to use a clean way to get the main currency. If you don’t want to waste your single time, just use Fruit Ninja hack generator.

Fruit Ninja Hack Generator Proof

You can see on the internet many websites Fruit Ninja hack already appeared. But, can you believe it’s real and working 100%? Of course not. All users can’t believe it immediately. but, it’s different from my website. Here, I can prove you this one is real and 100% working. Just check out the proof of Fruit Ninja starfruits below.

fruit ninja starfruits proof

That’s the comment from many users who already use Fruit Ninja Hack. So, do you already believe this one? Of course, you will. You don’t need to feel jealous about the users above who already get the starfruits. You can get it too guys. So, just rest assured.

Fruit Ninja Hack Tool List

Without a doubt, everything that you build, you will need something that makes it easier. Yeah, the answer is a tool, you need this one to make your work faster. Take a look at the tool that I used for the making process of the hack.

  • Spear Knuckle V1.2: You can easily find this tool on the internet guys. This the main tool to hacking a game. I used the latest version that fixed all the bugs from the previous version.
  • Lambda Generator: This is the tool for you which can generate free tickets without any limit. This is real guys, you can do this everyday. But, one warning, for the first use, don’t use it too much because you will get an error.
  • Coding Shield V 2.3.4: This one only an extra actually This tool specially made for people who don’t understand coding at all. With this one, you can do a coding. Just start this application and it will do it automatically. Everything in this world is possible guys.
  • Account Protection MAXX: This one also only an optional. Of course, you can guess from the title of this tool. Yeah, the purpose is to protect all your game account. If I don’t do that, your account will get banned because using an illegal access.

How to Use Fruit Ninja Hack Generator?

Below it’s the steps that you should follow in order to get the free starfruits. Just check it out below.

  1. Click the big blue button below in order to process to the next page.
  2. The next button you should click is “Start Now” button
  3. Fill in your username or email address (If you have both of them, I recommend you to fill it)
  4. Select the starfruits amount that you need (for the first, kindly avoid using too many starfruits or your game will hang, this happen for some devices, that’s why you need to be careful about this matter)
  5. After it’s done, you can click the “connect” button to process even further.
  6. Here, the hacking process begins, you need to wait 15 secs immediately depend on your internet connection. (If you disconnect or your internet have a trouble, you need to do it in the beginning again. That’s why you need to be aware of this kind of situation)
  7. Open your game to check Fruit Ninja hack generator is working 100% without any problem. ( if you already open it, just close the game and open it again for the hack to take effects)
  8. Share this one with your friend’s guys. They might need it. Not only who need it actually!
  9. Enjoy my hack guys!


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