Free unlimited gems for your golf clash account

Finally, we finished making a generator for this Golf Clash game. Now you can access it online. With this generator, you can get unlimited gems for free. As you know in this game, a lot of features that require us to use gold or gems. Among them as entry fees, purchase items, upgrades and so on. That’s why a lot of gamers are discussing and asking our help to make a cheat so they can get gems for free.

Eventually, we agreed to their request. The number of gamers that begged us made us passionate and motivated to work more leverage in making this generator. Within a day our programmers managed to penetrate the game security system. Then the next day begins compiling the algorithm to manipulate the gems transfer system on the main server. Next on the third day (today) we successfully refine our generator and publish it now.

Our Excellence Generator

Like the cheats we’ve made before, we’ve equipped the generator with a strict security system and designed it as simply as possible so that users will not have trouble accessing it. For more details you can read the features we inserted into the following explanation.

Available Features

  1. No jailbreak. You do not need to open your account security system by doing root. We are not happy to make your device in danger. Doing root is tantamount to allowing malware virus to come in free of yours.
  2. Account privacy guarantee. We never ask for email and password from your account, so your account is guaranteed to be free from phishing. Phishing is an activity to steal accounts by lying users into entering their email and password so that hackers can access and take over your account. Never use a cheat that requires you to enter email and password because it is likely to be phishing.
  3. No Survey or Human Verification. We do not want to waste your time by having you fill out unnecessary surveys.

Security System

  1. The encryption system, preventing search robots from the game server to find the existence of our generator. Thus you do not have to worry about being banned from the game because we have manipulated the system so their system will not find out which account is cheating.
  2. Avast v.201.8.1. Our generators have been equipped with special antivirus for online software. This will clear all viruses and malware that exist during the access process.

Evidence That Our Generators Works

Before we write this article, we first share our cheat on facebook to test its performance. We await their comments. If there is a complaint we usually re-fix our generator. But for this time no complaints were found from them. Maybe you wonder what their response is? Here’s their comment about our online generator.

Well, so, what about you? If you want to get free unlimited gems like them, please click the button below.

How to Run Our Generator

Here we list the steps to run our online generator. You just have to follow each stage.

  1. After opening the generator we will appear as the picture below. Click connect;
  2. Then our generator will make preparations by connecting to the game server. Wait until it appears the proceed button then click the button;
  3. Choose the number of gems you want. Then click generate;
  4. Fill out your username and do not forget to choose your platform;
  5. Wait a moment. Our generators are processing gems up and forwarding them to your device;
  6. Well, now you have got what you want. Happy using your gems.

Support Device

We have designed our cheats to be used on iOS and Android. You need not worry. It’s not hard for us to hack our generator to work on both platforms. Although both have different systems, we know the system of both. You just need to make sure the device you use is right when choosing a platform on the generator.

Buy Gems Legally or Use Our Generator?

For those of you who have a lot of money may not be a problem to buy gems using real money. We also do not recommend to you who have excessive wealth using our cheat. It’s better if you buy legally. Thus the game developers will get support so it can continue to develop the game.

We make this cheat for those players who do not have enough money. We just want to help them. Perhaps making this generator will indeed cause the pros and cons. The problem I returned to you. You have grown up and know what to do.

Well, that’s all we want to convey in this article. I hope you are wise in using our device. In this session, we would like to thank all of you who have faithfully supported us. Your support is a passion for us to continue to develop our software. Not only in the field of games but in other fields. Finally, good to play and use your free gems as well as possible.


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