Golf Clash Review

Golf lovers are obliged to try this game. For those of you who are busy working may not have time to play in the field. That’s why this game is present to fill your spare time. In 2018, Golf Clash is available for Android and iOS platforms. There is nothing different between Golf Clash android and iOS. Both players of these platforms can meet each other. If you want to try this game, you can download it immediately in play-store or app-store.

In this game, you will duel with other golf players. There is a variety of tours (rooms) for you from the lightest to the professional. In addition, there are many other features that will definitely make you addicted to playing this game. For details, we will review it in the following discussion.

Golf Clah Features

Well, the various features that will make you feel at home playing this game. The most interesting is the ranking system. If you are an agile person, you can be the number one in the world. Your name will be listed on the leaderboard board and can be known to everyone. Further features available shop. Here you can upgrade your golf equipment.

Another feature is the gift chests. There are many chests that will give you gold. Gift chests are available for three kinds of the free chest, gift chest, and gold chests. It’s similar to a chests features on the Royal Clash game. In the free chest, you just have to wait until the time to open arrived, while for the gold chests and gift chest you have to do a match to fill it.

Actually, there are many other gold sources apart from the chests. For example by watching an ad. However, the amount of gold you will get is only a little. If you want more gold, you can use the generator to get free unlimited gems. With unlimited gems, you can buy gold as much as you want. This generator is designed by our programmers NielGaming developers. Please click the link if you want to access our generator.

Golf Clash Gameplay

Gameplay in this game has been designed in such a way that it looks more real. When you enter the field you have to face your enemy seriously. Obviously, to win you must enter the ball first from your opponent. Here your dexterity is needed. You may encounter obstacles such as strong winds, small hills that block the blow or change the direction of the reflection of the ball. You must be prepared for it.

Well, that’s a review of this gold clash game. Are you interested in playing this game? Pick up their challenge and win. That’s all we can share with you in this article. Next, we will write an article about tips and tricks from this golf clash game. We’ve got a great strategy for you. Do not forget to read our next article.


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