golf clash tips and tricks

All players certainly want him to be at the top player on the leaderboard board. This is not easy to do, what’s more for beginners. But as long as you have a determination you can definitely achieve it. With strong determination, all problems will be resolved. That’s what I believe because I’ve experienced it myself.

After I played this Golf Clash game for three weeks, I finally managed to put my name in the position of 17 leaderboard boards. It is an incredible struggle to become a top player in this game. All the ways I have done to reach this stage. After a long journey, I have various experiences. With this experience, I finally got a lot of victories.

In this article, I would like to share your experience with you. Maybe some of you have difficulty in playing this game or even newbie. If you are a newbie I recommend to read Golf Clash review first before continue reading this article. Here I will share my tips and tricks to win every game. I hope what I will explain next can help you to become a top player in this game.

Playing Techniques

Ball Control

To win the battle, of course, you must understand the basic techniques of playing golf. First, you have to do is hit the golf ball as fast as possible toward the flag where the hole is located. You will probably do it many times. Check first the ball on the map before you hit. If you think it’s okay, shoot your ball. Notice the perfect point. You should be able to get the perfect point when firing shots.

When your ball is near the hole. Be careful when firing. In addition to the perfect point, you should also predict the strength of your punch well. Do not be too weak and not too strong. Another thing you should also consider is directing the ball. You can set the point of shooting on your golf ball. Choose the most suitable point to direct your ball to the hole.
That’s the tricks to maximize the direction of your shot. You need to practice to run these tricks. Believe that you can. It’s not as difficult as you can imagine. When you get used to it you will easily do it.

Understand the Battlefield

It is important for you to know the battlefield. These are tips for you. In this game you have to pay attention to the existence of the hill, the contour of the ground (flat, uphill, downhill), and wind direction. This will affect the direction of your blows. So not necessarily your ball shot in the direction you specify. You also need to consider the above.

Use Gems

Here are the important tips you need to know. Ability alone is not enough to be a top player. You also need to upgrade your golf equipment. Use gems for your upgrade. With the good equipment, you can certainly play more freely. If your great ability is offset by good equipment then you should not hesitate to start playing in high-level tours.

How to Get Gems


You can visit the shop to buy some gems. If you are a rich man, certainly no problem to spend a little money. For those of you middle to bottom may be heavy spending money to buy gems. But you do not have to worry you can get free gems using other means. Below is a trick to get it.

Use Generator

Do you know the function of this generator? The function of this generator is to generate gems into your account. By using this generator you can get unlimited gems for free. This generator was developed by NielGaming and has been equipped with a strict security system. Besides no survey or human verification, you will find here. Great is not it? Tricks are what has brought me to the top 20 leaderboard boards.

A few tips and tricks that I can explain. Before I finish there is one thing I want to warn you about. Using a generator does not necessarily make you a top player. You also need to practice your skills. It’s useless having a lot of gems without having the skills. There is you laughed at other players. Practice being a true top player.


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