Review Growtopia

Do you know this game? Try to play it! It will bring you nostalgia for your childhood. In this game you will be invited adventurous ala Mario Bross but with different ways of playing and missions. After the previous release on PC, finally, this game is available for Android and iOS. You can download now and play freely on your phone.

In the year 2018, has done some bug fixes and updates by adding new features to gameplay and items. Also added a new map that you can claim. This makes the game more Growtopia look alive and cool played. Probably many of you do not know yet, that’s why we will give you a review.

Growtopia Gameplay

Actually not much has changed in the gameplay. Your mission is to fight for buildings that save a lot of resources. But with the addition of the new map, you can find new places to claim. This will add to your wealth stores include items as well as some bonus gems. As you know the previous map has been widely claimed by old players and it is difficult to take over the map. That’s the reason game developers might consider.

New Map Features

Of course, you wonder what the new map looks like. It is not an easy adventure. You need to find the right path from the previous map to get to this new map. Even in the old map insert new items that you can use to open the new map. So in addition to finding a way you have to find items as well, then you can penetrate a new map that holds a lot of wealth.

New Items

The new items are very difficult to find. In addition, many competitors to get it. If you are lucky maybe you can have it. Actually, you can also buy these new items using gems. You also do not need to buy these gems. Here we provide link access into a hack tool, so you can get free unlimited Growtopia gems.

Well, that’s a review of Growtopia games after the 2018 update. This is a new challenge for you. So are you ready to return for adventure to claim places and buildings? We await your travel stories. Please enter your adventure story below. Our entire NielGaming board will always support you.


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