The many questions about tips and tricks in early 2018 to get new popular items make us all NielGaming board speakers. Finally, we decided to write this article to answer their questions. What we will explain is the strategy to get the important items as mentioned above. For beginners you probably will not understand what we will discuss here. If you are interested in playing this game, please read our previous article on Growtopia Games Review.

Before we explain the tips and tricks to get these items, of course, you need to know what items are important to have. That’s why we’ll discuss it first. Only then we discuss how to get it.

Growtopia Popular Items

These are popular items used by Growtopia rulers.

  1. Golden Pickaxe. You need to know it is super hard to get this item. When you buy the price of 200 gems.
  2. Focused Eyes. This item is very useful for your function is to destroy the obstacles with short lightening. The power of the explosion is very terrible.
  3. Legendary Bot. These are the items that are well-liked. Most of them buy with gems. Your character will be coated with sophisticated armor like a robot.
  4. Wizard. You can also be a wizard in this game. The power of magic can help you in the adventure.

Growtopia Rarity items

You definitely do not expect the number of rare items in this game. There’s 363 Rarity here. The top-level Rarity is Mini Mammoth Leash. This is the best item. You can use it for various purposes such as digging, lifting and so on. It will take more than a day if we write everything down therefore if you want to know more about this rarity items please visit this link.

Growtopia Best Item

This is the most terrible item. Anyone who has it will be king in Growtopia Worlds. Whole Golden is an item that can simplify you in everything in this game. With his golden cloak, you will look elegant and in all other players.

How do I Get Them?

Well, we finally got to the most important of the tips and tricks to get popular items. Actually, there are two ways that are the difficult and simple way. You can take the hard way by doing various adventures. Here all you need is patience. Collect piecemeal items to get more powerful items. Another way that can help is to barter or request items on other players.

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So many tips and tricks that we can share with you. I hope you use our hack wisely. You can also read our other articles. You will find a cheat from the game you want here. Okay, this article is enough. Thank you for your attention.


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