guardian soul hack free unlimited diamonds

I am so excited to write this article when I heard 5LOS publish their latest hack tool. Just like you, I am a lover of the Guardian Soul game. This RPG game with smooth graphics managed to hypnotize me to keep playing it. When the hack of this game is present, I immediately try it and the result is unlimited diamonds overflow my deacon. I am free to buy anything, my account is growing rapidly after getting the free diamonds.

It’s not just me who has tried this hack, there are about 1.7K other users. This is not a hoax because there is evidence of truth. This is the response of those who have earned a number of diamonds on their account. Take a look at the screenshots below.

Access Guardian Soul Hack Now!

Do you want to try the tool? I’m sure you’d love to access it. Actually, this tool is in the form of an online generator. So make sure your connection is in good condition if you want to access it. Okay, instead of making you wait longer and become impatient, I will share the link now. Press the access button below to visit the generator.

Guide to Running the Hack

It’s easy to run this tool. There are only six stages you need to go through. What you need to do in running it is careful, because the error in entering the data will make the tool reject the request. Well, so you better understand to run it I have prepared a guide. Please note the explanation of the following pictures.

  1. The first step to do is click the connect button;
  2. After that wait until the connecting process finished, then click proceed;
  3. Choose the number of diamonds that you want. For the next, click generate;
  4. Enter your username or email. Choose only one. Then select your platforms type and click continue;
  5. Wait a while until the generating process finished, and complete the picture given;
  6. Enjoy your diamonds earn. That’s an easy way to get free diamonds.

Hack Features

There are also many features found in this tool. Functions vary, there is a function to maintain the security of the account, speed up the process of cheating, and provide a comfortable impression for its users. Here are the features contained in the tool.

Generator Features

  1. Works in 2018;
  2. Live chat;
  3. Live facebook comment;
  4. Feedback votes;
  5. Updated every week
  6. The prize winners announcement.

Security Features

  1. IG-1 invisible codes;
  2. Encryption system;
  3. No survey or human verification;
  4. No jailbreak and phishing;
  5. No Root, download, and install;
  6. Phyton X2;
  7. Ajax anti-malware.

Convenience Features

  1. Easy to use;
  2. K-One lite speed;
  3. Anti-banned system;
  4. Automatic connection codes;
  5. Customer service.

Supported Platforms


Compared to other platforms users, Android users tend to use more cheats. Therefore every time a new game appears, the hacker for Android will always be the number. In addition to the number of users, other factors that cause the number of hack tool for this type of platforms is the amount of information that provides a tutorial to know the arrangement of his system. Because it is not strange when the presence of tools for platforms is very fast because many hackers also make it.


Program system information for these platforms tends to be closed, but that does not mean there is no information at all to get it. Currently, there are many hacks that are designed for this type of platforms though not as much as android. No exception for the Guardian Soul Hack is support for iOS. You iOS users can certainly access the tool.

Well, that’s all I want to share with you for this opportunity. I hope this article can benefit you. Do not forget to share the article with your friends or share it on social media. Thank you for your visit. See you later on another occasion.


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