Golf Clash Guide, Control Shots Stategy

Welcome back to In this article, we will share a guide in playing from one of the most popular games of 2018 that are Golf Clash. This game you can play on Android and iOS platform. To date, more than 10 million users android and 6 million users of iOS have played this game. Why are they interested in playing this game? The reason is simple. They are interested because there are various interesting features in this game. For example the ranking system and a variety of tour options that you can follow.

In this game, the important thing you should consider to win each battle is by knowing the strategy of controlling your shots. This is what we will explain next. Before reading this article it is better to visit our previous article earlier about the reviews of Golf Clash game. Thus you will better understand what we will explain here about shots control strategy.

Knowing the Right Ball Points

It is important for you to know the point of the ball. When you want to hit the ball, you can direct your golf club at the point of hit. When you hit the side of the ball then the ball will fly straight then turn. This is a theory taken from the original golf game. By hitting the sides then the ball will spin and make the ball slightly turn after shotting. By knowing this technique, it will be easier for you to maximize the game.

Actually, the direction of the ball is also determined by your golf equipment. Better your equipment, better the control you can do. To get the good equipment you can buy it at the shop. Use gold and gems to buy the best equipment. Good equipment is not only easy to control but will give you a higher shot of power. To get gems for free, you can visit the generator. Use this generator to get unlimited gems.

Predict the Wind Direction

Wind direction is often forgotten by the beginner players, but this greatly affects the direction of your shots. It is rather difficult to control the ball when the wind blows. Here all you have to do is know how big the wind is. The faster the wind blows the further the ball turns. Here your experience is required. You can read the Golf Clash Tips and Tricks article to get more information on the case.

That’s the guide of Clash Golf game to control shots. We hope to assist you in playing this game. Please visit our other articles to get more information about games. NielGaming always gives information about the various games you play.


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