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Hay Day has become one of the most popular and favorite farming simulation games on mobile. Until now, there are still a lot of new players are coming to play this game. And we are here to give a hand for you who know nothing to do while playing it. Here, we have Hay Day guide that can help you in order to have a good progress. If you need it so much, better you check this out.

Giving a Name for Your Farm

When we start the game, we will have to name our farm first. There is nothing to be worried about this actually. But, you have to make sure that the name that you have chosen for your farm is the best one because you cannot change it after that. You can only choose one name for each account.

Managing and Decorating

decorating farm

In the beginning, your farm is not well-managed. That is why you need to manage and decorate it in order to make it better. You can simply drag and move the buildings by tapping and holding it. Then, drag it to the position that you want. You can also rotate its direction by tapping the arrow sign and use the trash can sign to remove the items that you do not want.


There are two currencies in this game namely Coins and Diamonds. Both are important and has a different usage. The Coins can be obtained in many ways such as selling products on the roadside shop or filling the boat. It can be used to buy production buildings and some decorations. Otherwise, Diamonds are quite hard to be obtained so you should save it for only an important things like increasing the number of a product that can be produced on the production buildings.

Speeding Up the Production Buildings

speed up time

Making a lot of things from the production buildings is really needed in order to get more Coins. But, most of the product takes a lot of time to be produced. In order to save more time in producing it, you can use the Diamonds you have to speed up the production time. But, make sure to use it only for the product that really takes a long time.

Get Resources from the Animals

hay day animals

Animals are as important as the production buildings. Without the animals, you cannot produce any product because the basic material comes from the animals such as milk, wool, meat, and etc. Make sure to feed up all of your animals and do not forget to take the resources.


We have shared some important guides that you need to know. Now, you do not need to be confused anymore to play this game. Just follow our guide and create a beautiful farm of yours.


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