HIT hack unlimited gems and gold for free

Games with the best quality never going out. For example is this game. Although it has long been released until the year 2018, the Heroes of Incredible Tales (HIT) remains busy playing. Even after we conducted the survey, we found the number of game lovers increased for this year. We do not know why but is clear our fan page filled with requests from those who begged us to make the hack tool of this game. After we consider in terms of the number of applicants, finally we decided to create this tool. So, all of you lovers of this game can get unlimited gems and gold for free.

Our tool works on Android and iOS. We have designed it to work on both platforms. Now you are free to buy heroes, items, equipment and so on. Previously we also tested our tool by sharing them on the official fan page. Do you want to know their response? This is the response they provide after using our product.

Now it’s your turn to give it up. Get as many free gems and gold as you want!

Hack Now!

Our hack is not made carelessly. To make it we even spent more than a week. We have equipped our tool with latest features. With these features, you will get protection and comfort when using it. You do not have to worry about your account will be banned. Why? Because we have installed the encryption system.

The encryption system we inserted into the game system database. When someone accesses our tool then the system will work. The system consists of a series of algorithms that keep changing automatically. Thus the game system will not be able to sidestick the existence of the access because of the algorithm is constantly changing.

So, are you ready to use our hack? Just press the button below to access it.

Steps to Hack

You need to know that the hack we created is an online generator. We deliberately designed it into a generator for you to use it easily. However, you must remain careful when accessing it. A small error in filling out the data will keep the generator from responding to requests. Well, you do not have to worry about it because we will guide you. Please follow the following steps for more details.

  1. After you enter our generator, click the connect button;

  1. Wait a minute until our generator connect to the game server, then click proceed;

  1. Now choose the number of gems and gold you want, after that click generate;

  1. Be careful here! Put your username and don’t forget to select the type of your platforms;

  1. Here you should wait until our generator has finished processing your request. Don’t forget to complete the simple steps given;

  1. Check your account and enjoy your gems and gold.

Hack Features

There are many features that make up our hack. We will show you some. What we’re talking about is excellent features with functions like user convenience, speed up, and security system. You can see it below.

  1. Works in 2018;
  2. Live chat;
  3. Facebook comment;
  4. K-lite speed up;
  5. CR-C turbo;
  6. Encryption system;
  7. IG-1 invisible codes.

No Survey and Human Verification

You certainly hate survey or human verification which causes difficulties when accessing cheats. Here you do not have to worry because we have deleted all types of surveys. We do not want to complicate you when using our tools. In addition, you also will not find jailbreak and phishing. Because our hack is an online generator, then you also do not need to install such mod Apk.

Supported Platforms

We have previously explained that HIT Hack Tool can be used on Android and iOS platforms. In order for our tool to work on Android, we spend two days, while on iOS takes about three days. iOS does have a more complex program system. At first, we decided to make a cheat just for Android, but many iOS user gamers are protesting. Eventually, we decided to make our cheat work on both platforms.

That’s what we can say in this article. We would like to thank you for choosing to use our hack tool. Your voice is our passion. Before we close any information that needs to be delivered. NielGaming is currently lacking programmers. If you are interested to join, please send your complete data along with Curriculum Vitae. Write clearly your expertise on the CV and send it to our email. So much information from us. See you next time.


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