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If you want to play solid strategy RPG, Magic Rush Heroes is one of the games that you should choose. You can easily get the game from the Playstore and Appstore, and it’s for free. But, there is some aspect that you need to cautious about this game. What is it anyway? It’s about the diamonds guys! But, rest assured, I will help you by offering you Magic Rush Heroes hack to generate free diamonds. For further information, just scroll down your mouse below.

The Function of Diamonds in this Game 

Now, before I tell you how to get the diamonds. All of you need to know the function of the diamonds. So, what this main currency anyway? Just take a peek at the list below to find more information regarding this matter.

Buy Stamina

If you run out of stamina, there is a way to restore it. Yeah, it’s possible if you have enough diamonds. For the first time, it will cost 50 diamonds, the cost will increase each time you use it again and again.

Buy Gold

The other alternative that you can do with diamonds is buying the gold. The amount of gold that you will get is random, for the first try, the cost is 20 diamonds. Like stamina, the diamonds cost will increase too.

Summon Your Heroes

If want to acquire new hero and lazy to collect the soul stone to summon your hero. I have the best way for all of you. Just use diamonds to acquires the legendary hero without collecting thousand soul stone.

Evade the War

If you feel lazy to participate in the war, you can use the skip features and win immediately. Of course, it requires diamonds in the process. But, it’s worth the effort and you don’t need to waste all your time.

Repair Wall

When your character dies while protecting the wall, you should repair it as soon as possible. Why? Because it will become vulnerable and your enemies can steal your resources. That’s why diamonds role in repairing the wall is needed.

Magic Rush Heroes Hack Tool Features

Not only the best one, My tool serves you the best features. So, what kind of features that I implemented on the tool? Just find out the answer below to cure your curiosity right away before it’s too late.

Pillar Knuckle V 1.2

The main hack tool that I use to hack the game. The tool is really easy to use and ensure you can get the diamonds easily. If you can’t believe it, you can try it for yourself to see the greatest effects of it.

Quick Speed Lite V 1.3

If you have a slow internet connection, you will glad to come here. Why? Because I can boost your slow internet connection. Yeah, in order to use this tool, you need to have at least a stable connection. Rest assured, I can guarantee your internet connection will increase while you visit this website.

Lite Account Shield V 1.2

Do you afraid your Magic Rush Heroes account will get ban because using this hack? Forget about that thought already. I already aware of that, so I already prepared the countermeasure against it. The answer that I found is by using Lite Account Shield. The apps already installed in my tool.

Spider Virus Protection V 1.6

For users who don’t want their device getting a virus, you can relax when coming here. I can ensure the safety of your device through spider virus protection. All kinds of the virus will be destroyed within a minute thanks to this apps. Just relax and use the hack immediately!

Is It Safe to Use Magic Rush Heroes Generator? Look the Proof to Ensure You!

Everyone must feel afraid to use an unknown generator. Yeah, I know how you feel about that. In order to make you calm down, I already prepared the proof. The chosen people and some random users that I choose to use the hack and the result are really satisfying. If you want to see the details, the picture below can help you to cure your curiosity about his one.

magic rush heroes diamonds proof

As you can see, many users already use the diamonds hack. The diamonds generate automatically after you click the generator button below. Also, no survey required or watch any weird ads. Of course, you don’t’ want to miss the chance, right? If it’s not enough for you to believe Magic Rush hack real, see the in-game hack through my account.

In-Game Proof
magic rush heroes proof game

Do you see the red circle on the middle picture? Do you realize a number of my diamonds it’s not normal, that’s the proof that I hacked Magic Rush with my generator. With the tremendous amount of diamonds, I can buy the energy (Meat) and gold without worry about anything.

The Steps to Use Magic Rush Heroes Hack Tool

⇒ For the start, you need to click the Big Blue button to process.

⇒  In the hack page, click the “Start Now” Button.

⇒  Next, you need to fill in your email address or your game ID.

⇒  After you do it, select the diamonds amount that you need. 

⇒  Check it again, after you completed all the requirements that you need to fill, click the “Connect” button.

⇒  Please wait for a while when my generator Hacked the game server (approximately 15 secs)

⇒  If the hacking process already completed, you can open the game to see the results.

⇒  Don’t forget to share the diamonds hack with your beloved friends. They might need it.


Q1: Is It Available for All Device?

A: Nope, the hack only works on Android and iOS. Even though you play the game using Bluestack on PC it’s not working. So, if you don’t have the requirements device, that’s a shame!

Q2: What Should You Do When the Hack Not Working Properly?

A: Check Your Internet Connection or Refresh Your Browser. Usually, the problem is the internet connection. If it’s not, you can close your browser and open it again (Pressing F5 does not work). If the both method not working, you can PM me directly to solve the problem.

Q3: Is it For Free? 

A: Yeah, this one totally free! You can save your money while getting the diamonds for free!

Q4: Do you need to Jailbreak your Device?

A: Wow, that’s quite a dangerous stuff that you need to do to make it work. Actually, you don’t need to do that. Just one click is enough to generate free diamonds quickly. 



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