magic rush heroes review

Magic Rush is a strategy RPG that is published by Elex which brings you the likes of Age of Warring Empire, Vikings РAge of Warlords, and Age of Kings: Skyward. The game is really interesting to play because it has a lot of great modes that we can play. For every people who loves to play a game with this kind of genre, you should try this one because it has a great gameplay, nice graphics, and much more.


magic rush heroes gameplay

The game focuses on collecting and leveling the heroes in order to go through the next stage on the campaign mode. We can also go play in various modes such as a challenging tower defense, an exciting world map battles, and a thrilling PvP mode. The gameplay is quite unique for a strategy RPG like this because it does not only contain one mode but many.

Various Heroes

Collecting and leveling the heroes is not as easy as we can imagine as this game has a lot of heroes that we can collect and level up. Each hero has their own abilities and we need to make them stronger to by increasing their power with the runes that we have collected. The stronger the heroes we have, the easier we can play this game.

Tower Defense

tower defense


In this mode, we can play our heroes as the tower to protect the tower from destruction. We need to bring the right heroes and place them in the right position. Then, let the heroes banish all the enemies on each wave but, do not forget to release their skill once it is already filled.

PvP Battles

The PvP battle system allows our heroes to battle against the other player’s heroes. The heroes will battle automatically so we do not need to control them at all. In the beginning, we will get opponents that are quite easy but, time after time they will become harder and harder.


magic rush heroes graphics

Magic Rush Heroes uses 2D graphics with an awesome look. The publisher really wants to make this game looks good. Just take a look how good the details of the environment and the character design is. We will not disappoint at all with the graphics because it is really awesome. Besides, you will love it so much.


if you are looking for or want to play a strategy RPG, this game should be the first on your list. We highly recommend this game because its gameplay and graphics will make you get addicted. That ends our article about Magic Rush Heroes review for today and we hope that it can help you to understand it.


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