New year, new cheats. We just updated the entire cheats we made. One of them is myVegas Slots Cheat. There are some updates made by the game developer. They change the algorithm code layout. It is not difficult for us to re-unpack the new code and make our cheats work again. That’s why we do the update in 2018.

Now you can get again chips for free. As usual, you just need to enter the generator to be able to access it. Previously, we have shared access links for our generators on facebook. Did you know their response after finding it? You can see their responses below.

That’s what they said. We will not ask you to use our cheat. It’s up to you. In fact, we recommend that you buy legally to the game developer. Here we only facilitate free chips for those with low economies. That’s why we impose a limit to accessing our generators. Each account can only access our cheats once a week. We do not want to make game developers bankrupt because of us.

About Our Cheat

The cheat we created is an online generator. To make it back, we hacked the game’s main server, changed the algorithm chain, so we could access the account data, the transfer system, and change the nominal chips. Our coding expert is not just one person. We consist of 7 programmers members. That’s why it does not take much time to hack the algorithm system of these simple game. We only need one day to do it.

If you are interested to use our generator you can visit it by pressing the following button.

Steps Using Our Cheat

Not difficult to run it because we have designed it to be simple. However, in order to better understand, we will explain the steps in the explanation below.

  1. Make sure that you have clicked the ‘Access Now’ button. So, the display will appear as shown below. For the next, click connect button;
  2. Wait a minute when our generator connecting to the game server, then click proceed;
  3. Now, choose your chips amount you need, then click generate;
  4. In this step, enter your username and select the platform you use, then click continue;
  5. Here you can see our generator proses when transferring chips amount to your account. After that, Click I’m not a robot;
  6. Finally, your free chips amount has been sent to your account. Enjoy!

The Features Contains in Our Cheat

We have equipped our cheats with various quality features. The function is to maintain security, increase speed on the generator, and account protection. Here we will describe in more detail.

System Program Features

  1. Encryption system, prevent your account from getting banned;
  2. V2R little turbo speed, Increased access speed of the generator;
  3. Automatic code reset, automatically change the algorithm circuit. So, the game system can not track the existence of our generator;
  4. Online Access, you can access our generator without install.

Security Features

  1. Avast rev.201 v.2, prevent the entry of malware viruses;
  2. No root and phishing;
  3. Zet-infection search, protect from viruses. Same like no 1.

Generator Features

  1. Live chat;
  2. Live facebook comment;
  3. Immediate reward announcement;
  4. No survey;
  5. No human verification;
  6. No jailbreak and phishing.

The Platform that Supported Our Cheat


Our device can be used by various types and system of Android operation. You do not have to worry about that. Our cheat also can be accessed on your tablet or android emulator on your pc. We have checked to make sure.


Indeed iOS has a very different operating system than Android. It’s a bit hard to hack iOS code. We even spend more time to designing algorithm circuits for our generators to make it works on this platform. Finally, we succeed and now our generator can work on iOS.

Use Cheat or Purchase?

We recommend for those of you who have a high economy to buy chips legally on the developers’ games. We do not want the game developer harmed by our side. For those of you who feel have a low economy may use our generator. Surely you are a person who can think and make wise decisions. We trust you.

That’s what we want to convey in this article. Use your free chips as best as you can because you can only access them once a week for each account. Our cheats can be accessed again along with our regular updates every week. That’s all we can say. Enjoy your cheat update 2018.


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