myVegas Slots gambling winning Strategy

Have you ever played this game? If you’ve tried it, of course, know how cool to play this game. In this game, you will find a variety of gambling places. Here your mission is to travel the city and reap the benefits of the gamble. You can test how much luck your hands have in this place. Whether you are a god of gambling or an ordinary gambler.

Another interesting thing from myVegas Slots game is that you can get real rewards. The rewards that you can get them: travel tickets to foreign countries, bicycles and more. The amount of rewards that can be exchanged depends on the number of loyalty points we collect. How? Do you want to get one of their presents?

In this game, there are four features you need to know namely Games, Rewards, Wallet, and Journey. These four features are interrelated. So to successfully play this game, you need to know the information of these four features. We will explain it to you in the following discussion.


There are so many types of gambling places you should play in this game during a trip to the city. Each gambling will open once you meet the specified level. The highest gambling you can open after you reach level 108. This is a long journey. So relax in playing this game. No need to hurry. To increase the level you can join into the gamble and risk your chips. If lucky your chips will increase and you can increase your bet. With a high level bet you will quickly rise so it can unlock new gambling venues and go deeper into the city to visit the next gambling venue.


In this option, you can redeem the loyalty points you have collected for the real rewards. Loyalty points can be earned during your trip to the city. Apply it from every gambling place you visit. The rewards they offer are very diverse. It will take time if we explain all the rewards. If you would like to find out please see for yourself the rewards on the rewards option at the bottom of your screen.


Once you have selected your rewards, you must open the wallet option to redeem or redeem the rewards. Here you will fill out the form and sign the terms of the game. Read carefully so there will be no misunderstanding.


Actually, the journey is a map of the journey that we must take in playing this game. The opening of a gambling venue will be visible on our travel map. So this is related to your account level. Press the journey button to find out how many gambling places you have conquered and how long the rest of your trip is.

Importance of Chips

Chips are very important in this game. You certainly will not always be lucky in gambling. Defeat may come to you. At this stage, you will be difficult to rise so it takes a long time to increase the level. Here you have no choice but to wait for another day to get free chips or buy chips from game developers. This is a game developer strategy to keep them from losing the rewards they offer. Actually, you can get free chips using our generator. You can try it for yourself. By using this cheat, you can gamble as much and your trip to the city will be faster.

Using the cheat is not necessarily you can get rewards. You have to stay through every game that is determined to earn loyalty points. The cheat is only used to help you in getting the capital. The rest depends on you. I hope you can continue to travel and solve all the challenges given on your journey. For those of you who want to know the strategy to easily complete the journey, please visit the link. So much that I can convey in this article. Enjoy your game.


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