I love this game, already got rewards from them. I’m not grandiose. When the loyalty point is sufficient to be redeemed into rewards (I took the bike rewards at that time) I immediately visit the wallet to fill out the form and letter of agreement given. Approximately seven days later, the bike arrived delivered a freight service. Apparently, the game does not commit fraud, I thought.

Well, how can I get those rewards? You know how difficult it is to get chips in this game. Chips will we use to bet and level up so we can get loyalty point. Keep in mind you are required to check journey map. Try to always unlock a new gambling place while doing journey to the city. When you have reached the city, the loyalty point that we will get higher. However, how do I win a gamble in a gambling place? This is the problem. From what I observed, they are smart in playing the number of our chips. I’ve failed and frustrated many times until finally found myVegas cheat 2018 in the form of an online generator. From here I began to know that the game playing the number of our chips. The number of failures has made me aware of the strategies that the game uses to prevent us from getting a lot of loyalty points.

In the next discussion, I will tell what the game is doing to prevent us from getting a lot of loyalty points. I will also tell you the strategy to get out of the game’s trap. Thus you can get a lot of loyalty points and can get one of my rewards like me. However, I warn you not to be grandiose. Do not expect big rewards. Simply thankful for small rewards that you can achieve. For the next explanation is for those who have understood how to play. For those of you who are beginners, you should read myVegas Slots Review before continue reading this article. There you will get information about the game including the gameplay.

Winning Gambling

You need to know, it is not easy to win gambling. At the beginning of the game, you may be able to reap many benefits. However, after that very difficult. Usually, we will lose a lot. This is the strategy of the game. When we raise the bet to a certain stage (Stage open a new level), we will reap a lot of losses. Do not continue your game if you lose a lot. Rest and play again at other times. Usually, you will lose for the next three days. So relax and rest first. Just after about 3 days, you play again this game. This is if you want to play without cheats. Another case if you use cheats. Perhaps your free chips will be drained, but you can benefit from rising your level so you can open a new gambling place and continue your journey to the city.

Completed Journey

I have never completed this journey completely. I only journey up 3/4 only. So I can not give you the whole way to finish the journey. However, I can share with you all the journey I have been through. Precisely, I’ll tell you the strategy to solve it. As I have mentioned, there is a timing that we must know to win. You will win every three days. Then play every three days. Just a suggestion, don’t use too much hack just cause you can get free chips. Do not make the game developer suspicious of you.

Now Get the Rewards!

Well, how much your loyalty point now? Is it enough to redeem it on the various rewards available? How to redeem it by visiting the wallet. Fill in the data from the form provided. Enjoy your rewards.

That’s my experience in playing this game. I am grateful to write these tips and tricks articles, I can share with you my experience. Hopefully, these tips and tricks can helpful for you. You can also find other articles about tips and tricks or find another cheat from other games. Just find them on nielgaming.com. That’s all I can say. See you again in the next article.


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