myVegas Slots gambling winning Strategy

myVegas Slots is a game that was released in April 2017. Although it has long been released fans of this game is still a lot. More than 16 million gamers (Android and iOS) have downloaded and played this game. Therefore I am interested to discuss it. After getting permission from administrator, I immediately write and upload this article. This strategy will only be understood by those of you who have understood how to play this game. Would you rather read our article on myVegas Slots review before reading further?

What I will discuss here is the strategy of playing. Here I will share your exact star with you to win every gambling in the gambling place. Indeed this game is a game that stakes luck. However, still, the game is a man-made that has many weaknesses. Finally, I know cheating game developers. Apparently not a luck factor used to get chips. I know there must be an arrangement by game developers to limit our winning rate. This is what you should be aware of.

Luck Settings

No pair is the right words given in this game. I have long played this game and finally realized an awkwardness. At first play, we will win many bets, but the next day… you know what happened? Exactly. We’re going broke and all our chips are gone. This is a game developer strategy in setting up our luck. This applies to all gambling places at various levels.

fail gambling my vegas slots

Usually, after the bankruptcy, we will remain unlucky for a certain period of time. This is a strategy to attract players to buy chips. Why do I conclude so? Because at this time period we do not have enough chips to play and our chances of buying chips are increasing. Especially after we won earlier, of course, we will be curious about our defeat.

Strategy Overcoming the Setting of Luck

I have a strategy to overcome them. Remember that after luck you will be unlucky. So all you have to do is check. Whether you are lucky or unlucky. Walk up to three rounds and see the results. If all you receive is good luck continue your gambling and if you reap the defeat do not continue your gambling because you can be sure you will continue to bad luck. One more thing you need to remember. If misfortune comes to you in luck (eg three consecutive losers) stop your gambling. Perhaps you have entered the unlucky stage.

I still have one more strategy. This I do because I am very upset about the game that does so. By that time I had been burning emotionally, all my chips worth 4,367,800 sold out in one day. I continue to reap a lot of losses but I keep playing with the intention of returning my lost chips. However, what I experienced went bankrupt. Because of that, I ended up asking for a cheat link on the NielGaming administrator. They give myVegas Slots Free Chips 2018 link to me. I immediately access it and get a lot of chips that much. Finally, I gamble without hesitation. A total of 10 games I reap the losses and after that, I started to get back my luck. The number of my chips finally increased dramatically and the various journey was open. Eight days after I used the cheat, I retired playing this game because of boredom. I already know all about this game.

I am grateful to be able to share information with you. Hopefully what I write is useful for you. What I submit in this article is only part of the strategy. If you want a complete strategy please visit myVegas Slots Tips and Tricks. Just that from me. See you on another occasion.


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