Do you also play this one game? We think the answer is yes. The Blood Tyrant game has been played by over 1 million people worldwide. This game is one of the most favorite games of the year. If you have long played this game, then you know that your need for resources will increase and continue to grow. Will spend a lot of time if you do not use gold to get it.

Currently, we will share a hack tool from the game. You can get unlimited Gold for free which can be used to buy the resources you need and complete other needs. In the tool, you will not find the survey or human verification. You also do not need to root, download or install apps as in modĀ Apk. Simply access it online.

Previously we had shared the access link on the official hack fan from the game. This is meant to test the tool. Then, what is their response to the hack tool? You can see it below.

Hack Now!

Well, its time for you to prove yourself the authenticity of our hack. As already said, this tool is accessed online. We have designed it to be an online generator. Therefore and require an internet connection to do so. Make sure your internet connection is in stable condition. To go to the generator all you have to do is press the following key.

Running Hack

We will guide you to use the tool. Follow every step we will give below.

  1. After you entered our generator, click the connect button;
  2. Wait for a minute until the generator connected to the game server. Click proceed for the next steps;
  3. Now choose the gold amount that you want and click generate;
  4. Put username and select the platforms type then click continue;
  5. Wait a while until the generating process complete, after that run the simple steps given;
  6. Enjoy your gold earn. Go check your account now!

About Our Hack

Any product that, of course, has advantages and disadvantages. Of course, our products did not escape from it. Here we will describe the advantages and disadvantages of our products.


  1. Equipped with IG-2 invisible that prevents your account from getting banned:
  2. Implementing an Encryption System whose function rotates the algorithm we use to cheat;
  3. A high speed of the cheating process. We apply K-One speed lite to do it;
  4. There are features that provide convenience to the user such as live chat, the announcement of prize winners, and Facebook live comment;


On the hack, there is a limit. Each account can only access the tool once every week. So use the best possible gold you have. Do not you waste it, use it for purposes that you think are important.

Supported Platforms

Of course, you are wondering if my device support on the hack? Why would I hack if my device does not support? Of course, you would think so. We will explain it to you now. This hack is support for Android & iOS devices. For those of you who play on PC and use the emulator still can access the tool. So long as you have an operating system of one of these platforms, then you will be able to access our tool.

In-App Purchase vs Hacked Game

Pay or free, of course, we are sure you will choose a free one. Actually, we still recommend you to buy legally by top up. When everyone uses a hack and nobody wants to buy, then the game manager will go bankrupt and maybe the game will not be noticed anymore. That is also the reason why we limit each account in accessing it.


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