Onmyoji Hack (Get Free Unlimited Jade)

Do you know? For classy games, it is very difficult to make some hack tools stand without any disabling. Classy games developers often launch robots to tracking the active cheats on their games. Onmyoji is one of the games that fall into that category. That’s why when you search the hack of this game, you will often encounter tools that are not working (no longer active).

Usually, the tool will not last longer than a week. Do you know why? This is related to the update that game developers always do. In addition to updating or adding features, they also alter the order of algorithms in the database program. This is done to eradicate all the existing hack. You need to know, this robot can report the order of algorithms used by hackers. So, game developers know which algorithm series needs to be updated.

However, now you do not have to worry about it. This year, the team of NielGaming programmers has managed to find a solution to solve the problem. A new cheat method has been found. We apply IG-1 Invisible Codes which can create the hidden algorithm circuit. An experiment has been tested and the robot is not able to detect the existence of our algorithm after applying this system. From now, you will be free to access the Onmyoji hack to get free unlimited jade without worrying about the tool is not active anymore.

Hack Jade Now!

This tool has been designed to be an online generator. When someone accesses it, their request will be forwarded to the game server. Furthermore, our algorithm that has been embedded in the gaming system will be active and send the request to the account in question. To visit the generator all you have to do is press the button below. Next, follow the guidelines we have prepared below.

How to Run the Hack

You just need to follow the simple steps we will explain below. We include images for you to understand more easily to access the generator.

  1. When you have opened the generator, click the connect button;
  2. After that, wait until the tool connects to the game server, then click proceed;
  3. Now, choose the number of jade that you need. Click generate;
  4. Put your email address and do not forget to select the platforms type. Click continue;
  5. Wait a while until the generating process complete and choose the given images;
  6. Finally, enjoy your jade earn. Check it on your game account!

Hack Advantages


Before publishing a product, we always the first test. The beta version of this tool we have shared on the official hack fan of the game. We are glad that we did not find any serious problems with the tool. Everything looks fun when managed to get jade for free. This is their response to accessing it.

Easy to Use

If you have tried to run the generator, you know very easy to access it. You only need to fill in the form of account identity and the amount of your request. All you have to do is be careful because invalid data will cause the generator to reject the request. In addition, you also should not miss a single step in order to connect to the game server is not interrupted.

No Survey or Human Verification

It’s inconvenient if we find a cheat that requires us to fill the survey or human verification. Why do many tools require us to fill it? This is related to the security of the tool. If a hack does not implement this system it will be easy for robots to break in and disable the tool. You know, these questions can only be answered by humans. Robots do not have the ability to think like humans, therefore they can not pass through the survey. Thus the tool will be safe.

This is the advantage of our tool, where you will not encounter the survey or human verification. We have been thinking long ago to replace the survey system with a more practical system. Last year we finally got the answer. Our encryption system can divert the robot’s movement from entering and detecting our tool. So, you now no longer need to fill those troublesome things.

No Root, Download or Install

We never once advise you to use a product that requires you to root. The risk of doing so is enormous. In addition to many viruses coming into the device, you will lose the warranty from your very valuable mobile phone. Why would you lose your warranty? The reason is that you disassemble and actively disable the protection system provided by the brand. Therefore they will no longer be responsible for your device.

As we discussed earlier, our tool is an online generator. Therefore all you need is an internet connection. You do not have to root, download or install any application. Simply do the simple steps we have explained earlier.

No Jailbreak and Phishing

Know that, jailbreak and phishing will only happen when you share your account password. Usually, someone is manipulating you using a fake cheat. You will be asked to enter email and password to get some resources you need. When you enter your password, they will know and immediately take over your account, change the password, verify the phone number and so on. Therefore do not ever trust the cheat that requires you to enter a password from your account.

Hack Features

Over time, we continue to develop systems that work on our products. These systems consist of features that provide convenient access and maintain the security of user accounts. Here are the features.

  1. IG-1 Invisible Codes;
  2. Encryption system;
  3. Phoenix Marvel generator system;
  4. K-One Lite Speed;
  5. Grip Sonar XP-1 system;
  6. SPX-Grade 1.

Supported Platforms


Based on survey WHC (World Hackers Community), Android users are the most accessible cheats compared to other device users. Therefore Android is the first platforms designed to work on the Onmyoji Hack tool. The little leak for you, actually the system of android easy to dismantle. There have been many sites that provide information on the code design and algorithm circuit of this platforms system.


Although not as much as Android users, it turns out many iOS users who often look for cheats. About 26% of iOS users are known to frequently search for and use cheats. Because it’s not strange today started a lot of hackers who are competing to create a hack tool for this platforms. We already have a copy of the algorithm that compiles the iOS program system. However, it takes more than a week to make our tool support for the platforms.


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