planet of cubes hack free unlimited coins

This is one of the popular games that many playable young people. Even today it has more than 10 million people download and play this game. Why are they interested in playing it? The reason is the game does not make them bored. Despite having a simple graphical display, this game has many game modes. Each mode has its own uniqueness. In this game, players will race and work together to continue to grow. Those who buy coins will certainly be able to grow faster because they can buy or upgrade what they need.

For those of you who do not have enough money to buy the coins, we will provide an alternative. You can get unlimited coins for free using our Planet Cubes Hack. This hack is an online generator that you can access whenever you want. In this tool, you also will not find a survey or human verification. So you do not need to have trouble accessing it.

About Planet of Cubes Hack

You must have known us who worked more than 5 years as programmers from NielGaming. Our job is to create hack tools that can provide free resources for you. We have testimonials. Please check all the hack tools we have created. We always attach proof of the authenticity of each of our products. For the tool this time, we also have the proof. Previously we have published the tool and shared the access link on the official hack fan page.

That’s their response to our tool. Well, now it’s your turn to prove it for yourself. Immediately get as many free coins as you want. Press the following button to gain access. We have also set up a guide to run the hack in the discussion below.


Our tool has been equipped with the latest features consisting of various functions as follows.

  1. The latest encryption system serves to prevent accounts from banned;
  2. K-lite speed up system, speed up the cheating process;
  3. Invisible codes system, making the process of cheating undetectable;
  4. Live chat features;
  5. Facebook comment features.


Here we guarantee the security of accessors. There will be no jailbreak and phishing you will encounter. Keep in mind that jailbreak and phishing will only happen when you provide a password with your email. As long as you do not do so, your account security will be 100% guaranteed. In our tool, you will not be prompted to enter any password. Simply enter the username, our system will be able to work and transfer some coins to your account.

You also do not have to worry about a virus that attacks your device. We have installed anti-malware on the generator. In addition, the tool we created is not through the black internet network so you do not have to do root on your device. Of course, you know doing root will cause your device is in danger, even you will lose the warranty.

How to Run a Hack

Actually to run a hack all you have to do is follow every instruction listed on the generator. But to be more clear we will guide you to use it. We will explain as simply as possible every stage you need to do. Consider the following explanation.

  1. After you open the tool, click the connect button;
  2. Now, wait until the tool connects to the game server then click proceed;
  3. Choose the number of coins you want, then click generate;
  4. Put username and don’t forget to select your platforms type. Click continue;
  5. Wait a while until the generating process finished and complete the simple steps given;
  6. Enjoy your free coins. Check it now on your game account!

Supported Platforms


For you, android users do not have to worry your platforms are not supported. We have designed the tool to be used on the platforms. Even you who play on an android emulator on PC, like Andy, Nox and the like still can access our tool.


At first, our tool only supports for Android only. However, due to a large number of requests from iOS users, we agreed to make it work on these platforms. Though a bit difficult, after one week we managed to make it work. Now you iOS users can also access the tool.

What Are Our Goals Making This Hack?

As you know, we created this tool so you can get unlimited coins for your account. We compete with other cheaters to be the best. So what’s in it for us by doing that? Our advantage is getting revenue from advertisers. The higher our rating the more advertisers come to us. Therefore we always exert every ability to make quality products. Your satisfaction is our priority. Therefore always support our Nielgaming to be the best and be the number one for you.


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