Rail Rush Generator Tips

We are very grateful, finally, after we published Rail Rush Hack Tool article we can publish this How to Play Rail Rush article. In this article, we will focus on discussing guides or tutorials to play this game. Hopefully, you can maximize the use of features and streamline how to play to complete Worlds.

Before going to the main discussion, we want to review a bit about this game. Maybe some of you do not know this game. Rail Rush is a game developed by Miniclip.com. This game has become one of the most popular games in 2018. Proven by the number of Android and iOS users who play it. Currently, more than 50 million people have downloaded and played this game. We are sure you also would like it if you want to try. Please visit Play-store or App-Store to download this game. Well, let’s start to discuss the guides or tutorials of this game after the 2018 update.

Knowing Your Menus

There are eight menus in this game. Actually, the three menus located at the top right are not related to this game. The menu is an advertisement inserted by game developers. At the bottom, there are several other menus, including Free 300 nuggets (you can get nuggets by watching 30-second commercials), missions (to know your mission), options, shop (to buy various heroes, cart stuff, extras, and nuggets ), and the play menu.

Important Menus

From those menus you should know more deeply is the play menu and shop. We will discuss the two more detailed menus. Because it is important for you to know what is contained in these menus. Thus you will understand how to play this game.

Play Menu

By pressing this menu, then you will be guided to adventure in a world. There are many choices of words ranging from Old Mines, Zombie Caves and so on. Some worlds you can visit for free, but some will be charged. You can actually use Pass to sign in. Pass you can get by swapping it with nuggets.

Choose Old Mines to try to play. You need to tilt your phone for tilt your hero. Touch sideways to jump left or right and touch down or up to jump or down.

Shop Menu

On this menu, there are four sub menus. First is the heroes menu. Here you can buy various heroes using nuggets or pay. Next the Cart Stuff menu. Visit to buy a variety of useful items when you are adventuring. The other menu is Extras. Here you can swap your nuggets with important cards like second chance (used for re-life if your hero is dead), trial passes, and more. Last is the Nuggets menu. Here you can buy nuggets by paying.

That’s the guide or tutorial in playing Rail Rush game. Indeed in this game nuggets is something very important. You can get nuggets for free by way of adventure, watching videos, and using the hack tool or get it by paying with real money. After you read this article, we suggest you read Rail Rush Tips and Tricks article that explains a powerful strategy to conquer any worlds that exist in this game. So much that we can convey and hopefully this article can help you. You can also see the article about other games. Please visit NielGaming home page. Thanks.


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