Rail Rush Tips and Tricks

This game is suitable to drive your boredom. Rail Rush until 2018 has been downloaded by more than 50 million Android users. This does not include the iOS user. The number of players is estimated to reach 80 million when we combine the number of both users. The fun of this game makes them in droves to download and play it. However, many of them find obstacles while playing. The difficulty of opening new worlds is the average difficulty they experience. Many of them asked us about the problems they faced. That’s why we decided to write this article to answer all their questions.

We are warning that this article is not for beginners. If you just play this game, it would be nice if you read our previous article about the guide to play. Please visit How to Play Rail Rush (Guide) to read it. Well, we start the discussion of tips and tricks so we can easily and quickly conquer all the worlds in this game.

How to Conquer Worlds

Adventure Tips in Worlds

Once you enter a world then you have to concentrate fully, neglect will lead you to failure. You must be agile and able to estimate the danger ahead. However, do not let you tense, stay calm and playoff. Actually, this can train your right brain work. So, there’s also a point in playing this game.

Tricks Adventure in the Worlds

Before going adventure it is important for you to visit the shop and buy some items there. There are four options here: Extras, Heroes, Cart Stuff and Nuggets. Every option is important for you to visit. We will describe one by one the advantages of buying goods from these four options.

1. Extras
Here you can buy re-life (save me). When your hero is dead, you can continue your journey by using this save me. Buy a slow down cart and use it in a precarious condition where your cart is driving fast while in front of you are many obstacles. We also recommend buying TNT. You can blast travel obstacles with this. Lastly, I recommend that you buy a card to increase the resource. Thus the number of nuggets and other resources will increase during the trip. This will help speed up the completion of your mission as well.

Apparently, each hero has a different ability with each other. Some heroes can destroy the front barrier (by shooting, hitting) and others can increase the collection of resources. Buy a suitable hero for you.

3. Cart Stuff
It’s very important to strengthen your train. You can complete the cart with a variety of items in this cart stuff option. Here we suggest you buy train protectors such as iron ram and iron right spikes. This will help you in an emergency by breaking the barrier in front. In addition, you can also buy super magnet force in order to attract nuggets and other resources automatically.

4. Nuggets
Here you can buy nuggets by paying using real money. If you include people with high economy please buy nuggets here. You should know that all items contained in this shop should be purchased using nuggets or real money. So the need for nuggets can be said to be very important. For those of you with a low economy do not be discouraged because we have another trick to get nuggets and you can get them for free. Watch ads, adventure, or use the latest Rail Rush cheat of 2018, this is an option to get nuggets for free. Even with the use of hack, you can get unlimited nuggets.

That’s the tips and tricks we can give you. Just do the steps we have to say. Guaranteed you will be able to quickly complete worlds.

How To Unlock New Worlds

Open Using Pass

Open a new world you can do by swapping nuggets with the pass. This is the fastest way you can do it. However, the disadvantage if you fail to conquer the worlds and want to try it again, then need a pass again to enter.

Open with Complete Mission

Well, it is important for you to complete the mission. So do not ignore your mission as this is one way to unlock new worlds. If you follow the tips and tricks we provide, then it is easy for you to complete the mission. Actually, there is another way to complete the mission. You only need to pay using nuggets. However, on an advanced mission, the price to pay for the mission will increase and the Nuggets are very much needed. Therefore, buy nuggets or use the hack tool to get it.


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