Ramen Chain Hack Free Unlimited Diamonds

For those of you who like to cook, or you who aspire to be a chef but the profession is not achieved, do not be discouraged because the Ramen Chain game has been present for you. In this game, you will become a chef in charge of cooking ramen. You will become an international chef here. Your struggle to become a reliable cook will start soon. To make it happen is certainly not an easy matter. You need to upgrade, unlock, and buy more sophisticated equipment. This is what makes the game will not be bored played.

In order for you to grow fast, you will need diamonds. We know that it is not easy to get it. If we buy it, the money spent is not small. To solve these problems we have designed a magical tool that can provide free unlimited diamonds to your account. This is the latest hack tool we created in 2018.

For those of you who are just visiting NielGaming for the first time may not know that we are always testing the tools we make before publishing them. You need to know that we have been engaged in hacking for more than 5 years. We never speak of origin because that is why we always provide proof of authenticity from our tool. Here we will attach a proof, this is a response from those who have already used our Ramen Chain Hack.

About Ramen Chain Hack

This hack is made by a team of eight reliable programmers. Created by cheating the game security system, then inserting a series of algorithms in it. After that, the system is attached to the generator. Every time someone accesses the generator, then their request will be forwarded to the game server. Our inserted algorithm will work when there is a request and send the desired number of diamonds to the accessing account.

How to Hack

Previously we wanted to let you know that this tool is only accessible online. The generator will only run with an internet connection as it has to forward request data to the game’s main server. Therefore make sure your internet connection is stable. Well, it is time for you to access the tool. To do so, please press the access button below.

How to Run the Hack

So that you do not misstep in accessing the tool, we will guide you to run it. Please follow each step according to what we instructed below.

  1. Make sure you have entered our generator. Click connect for the first step;
  2. Wait until the tool connects to the game server, then click proceed;
  3. Choose the diamonds amount that you like and click generate;
  4. Put your email address or username and select the platform type, then click continue;
  5. Wait until the generating process is complete and complete the drawings provided;
  6. Enjoy your diamonds earn, check it now on your game inventory!

Hack Features

Would you like to know the available features in the tool? This is the latest features that even other hack do not have out there. Its function is to maintain security and provide convenient access for users. Using our tool you do not have to worry about your account will be banned, attacked by virus and so forth. Using our tool, you will not find any difficulties as we have designed it for easy use. Here are the features.

  1. Works in 2018;
  2. Always checked and updated every week;
  3. Live chat;
  4. Facebook comment;
  5. Equipped Encryption system;
  6. Equipped the last IG-2 invisible codes;
  7. Ajax anti-malware;
  8. K-One lite speed;
  9. No root, no download, no install;
  10. No jailbreak and phishing.

Survey or Human Verification

We know that you are often bothered with various surveys or human verifications when accessing a cheat. Actually, the purpose of this survey is to prevent search robots from disabling the cheats. Only humans can access it while search robots can not enter. That’s why many tools apply this concept.

Unlike other tools, you will not find the concept here. We have a new program to solve the above problem by using encryption system and IG-2 invisible codes. Both systems will prevent the robot from detecting the presence of our tools. Therefore, no survey or human verification you will find here because we have removed the old concept.

Supported Platforms

Our hack is currently only supported for Android and iOS platforms and emulator applications of both systems. Suppose you are playing on NOX, Andy, Bluestacks and other android emulators on your PC or you are playing in Mobione Studio, APP.IO, and other iOS emulators can also access our hack tool. As long as the two systems are pad you will be able to run them. So, no need to worry if your device is one of both platforms.


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