Super Mario Run Review

Mario Bros is one of the famous game created and published by Nintendo. This game still exists up until now. Not only video game console which gets this amazing game but also Android right now becomes the population of this game. The newest game called Super Mario Run is really amazing. If you do not believe it, just check out the review of this game right away.


We will tell you about the gameplay mechanism about the game. There is nothing changed really much from the previous Mario game. But still, it will make you addicted playing this game.

World Tour

This one is similar to story mode. There are six worlds which you can explore. Each world contains three stages and boss battle. In the boss battle, you will fight against Bowser who want to destroy you. You need to collect purple coins in order to complete the stage, of course, you can still continue to the next stage even though you do not have enough purple coins. But, if you want to get 100% completion this is a must thing to do. What the unique about this game is right now Mario and the other characters can perform a maneuver which can help them to avoid any obstacles and enemy. The badass your style, the more gold you will get from it.

Toad Rally

Here, you can competeĀ against another player around the world. The task in this mode is to collect many toads. In order to collect it, you need to make them impressed with your performance on the stage. Collect is not enough, you need to show the cool maneuver. For example when you jump and avoid an enemy. Also, it does not matter who is the one reaches the finish line, the important one is you can leave a good impression for the Toad.

Remix 10

This is the right time to nostalgic with Mario Bros through this mode. You play a series of ten stage without any break. After reaching the 10 stage, you will arrive at the check-point. Do not forget to claim your rewards. Usually, you get a decoration for your mushroom castle. The developer also prepared a special character which you can get after you cleared all the stage. If you are curious about it, just play it through the end.


The smoothness of the graphics is really awesome. While you run with Mario, you will see all the spectacular scenery. We give S rating for the graphics. Nintendo did a good job to polish the graphics aspects.

Final Thoughts

If you really love Mario game, you must play this one at all cost. Even though only some features accessible before you purchased the full game. Do not need to worry, this game will not betray your expectation. That is all about Super Mario run review, if you decide to try the game, let us play together!


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