Sword Art Online

In this beautiful day, we would like to present you our latest work. It is about Sword Art Online Memory Defrag guide.  We will tell you how to clear extra quests which has an insane difficulty. We are sure you confuse how to clear it with your lame characters. But, do not need to worry. The guide we provide here is ready to help you.

Unlock Attributes

unlock attributes

Of course, the first one you must do without a doubt is to unlock the attributes. Thanks to this one, your character’s attack, defense, speed, critical rate, HP, and MP will increase drastically. For the bonus, you can unlock an ultimate sword skill which can deal a high amount of damage. To make it more complete, when you characters level already maxed out, you can do a Limit Break which enhances their level even further.  If you want to challenge the hardest Extra Quest, Unlock Attributes is needed.

Skill Slot

After done with the unlocking attributes. The next one is about skill slot. Before you enter this menu, you need to have an item called Rainbow Essence and Void Medallion. These two items are really important to unlock passive skill which can help your character survive. The notable skill which you can learn for the first time is Emergency Heal. When your character in the standby position, this skill can restore 500 HP & 5 MP per 5 seconds. Another skill which you must learn is Combo Window. It will extend your combo by 3 secs. In other words, you will get 3 secs for additional attack.

Join Multiplayer


This is the best thing you can do to clear stronger Quest. It does not matter which help, even though your level is really weak you can still participate. We recommend you join the multi-play with people who already have powerful characters. Do not think once about helping them, your level is really low. Whatever you do in battle it will not change the outcome. Just watch and place your character far away from the enemy. When the battle ends you will get the same rewards. There are some players who do not want to accept you if your character level is quite weak. But, do not need to worry, you still have the chance.

Upgrade your Equipment

equipments upgrade

Do not only depend on your character level. Because it is quite useless. Even though you have high-level characters it is futile if you do not upgrade the weapon. We know is drain all your col to pay the upgrade. Do not think negatively, it is worth the efforts actually. Equipment in this game has an important role rather than character level to make your character looks stronger than ever. In order to get the better equipment, just obtain it from the summoning shop.


That is the simple guide how to beat Extra Quest quickly. For all who still stuck up until now to beat it, just read this one carefully to find the way out. That is all about SAO game guide. Now, grab your weapon and beat all the boss right away.


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