Tap Titans Review

Hello sword master, welcome to nielgaming.com. In this article, we will discuss the reviews of the Tap Titans game. It turns out time travel even make this game more exist and exciting to play. Therefore the game developers do not release this game just like that and do some renewal in the year 2018.

This game you can play on Android and iOS. In this game, you will fight a variety of very powerful titans. Your mission is to defeat the Titans and get gold in return. There are many folders that you can explore here especially after the update made by the game at the beginning of the year. Anyway, this game is really exciting. We will discuss more this game in the following discussion.

Tap Titans Gameplay

Maybe you will experience a little trouble when first playing this game. Actually, the features presented in this game is quite simple. There are several menus that help to strengthen your attacks. Your mission is to defeat the Titans. After you defeat eight titans then you will venture into the next folder. Use your gold to upgrade the sword master (your character). By upgrading the master sword the amount of damage you spend will be greater. Do not forget to touch other menus. On these menus, you will find help to defeat the Titans.

Your attack speed will determine the amount of gold and length of time to conquer the Titans. So, try to touch as fast as possible your screen. Thus you can get a lot of gold. But be careful not to get your hands in your hands (for example, sharing the practice, because that’s what I experienced because I was too excited).

Optimize your Gameplay

To quickly reach a high level and a lot of gold you should be able to manage the upgrade process well. All you have to upgrade is items. These items have their respective functions such as increasing the amount of damage, multiplying damage and so on. This item will open after the sword master (your character) reaches a certain level. However, there are some items that you can not unlock using the character level. Some items can only be unlocked using diamonds. Diamonds can be obtained by completing a given mission or paying using real money. Actually, you can also get it for free using the hack tool. If you want to try it please visit Tap Titans Hack Tool.

There are many other ways to speed up your gold. On other menus, you can buy helper heroes, pets, and weapons. These heroes and pets will help you attack the Titans. So you are not alone to defeat your enemy.

That’s a review of the Tap Titans game of 2018. If you want more information such as strategy in playing, clans war, tips and tricks and guide to playing, please visit our other articles. There you can find more detailed information about this game. So many of us, I hope this article useful to you.



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