Tap Titans Guide

Hey, new players? Do you have difficulties when playing Tap Titans game? If the answer is yes. We have created a guide which can help you to make your progress in this game faster than before. For all of you who have difficulties, this is the right time for you to shine.

Tap Titans Beginners Guide

At a first glance, this game is really simple and easy to beat. But, if you are not prepared for the worst, it will be hard to move even further.

Increase Your DPS Constantly

tap titan dps

Everytime you have enough coins, just use it to increase your DPS (Damage per Second). This is a common strategy when you playing a game like this one. Of course, you can still beat the enemy without increase the DPS. As a result, it will take longer than usual to destroy it. You do not need to save up your coins, just use it everytime you get a huge amount of it.

Focus Upgrade Your Character’s Skill

When the first time starting out the game. The only way you can do is attacking the enemy face to face. That is the normal thing to do. After a while, do not attack your enemy before upgrading a skill for your character. Skill is really useful to fight against an enemy which has a huge amount of HP. For the beginner, we recommend you to focus upgrading it in order to strengthen your skill.

Touch the Flying Angel

flying angel

Sometimes when you play this game, you will notice a flying angel which come down from the sky. You need to touch that in order to claim the treasure chest. The reward depends on your luck. Usually, you will get the huge amount of coins and diamonds. If it is your lucky day, touch the treasure to claim the gift right away.

Buy a Weapon

This game not only about tapping the screen to destroy the enemy. You can also use a weapon to increase your damage. But, it is not that easy to get. If you are lucky, the flying angel has it. In order to get the weapon quickly, just use the main currency of this game which is the diamond. You will not get any benefit while keeping your diamonds. Although the price of the weapon is quite expensive, it is worth the effort for doing so.


Although Tap Titans guide is really simple, it is already helping many people in needs. We are sure you are one of them. You do not need to feel confused again when playing this game. This is the right time to show your true power.


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