We just checked and updated in 2018, so all our cheats can be fully functional again. This time, we will share one of our updated cheats. You can call it Tap Titans Hack Tool. With this hack, you can get free unlimited diamonds. You need these diamonds, is not it? Of course, you need, with diamonds you can buy and upgrade all your items so that your attack power will grow bigger to fight the boss. You can also become the leader of the standings during the tournament with such power.

Does this hack tool really work? We do not want to share a lie. What’s in it for us to spread lies? None at all. We want you to trust us and we do not want to disappoint you. The good name of our programmers is at stake here. Therefore we always try to be the best in order to still exist in this internet world.

Do You Want Proof Of Our Hack?

Surely you need proof to believe. Actually, we always do a test on all hacked devices created. We always issue the beta first to test it out. Usually this beta version we share on social media. Do you want to know their response? Just see their comment below.

That’s what they say. We do not want to publish anything without proof. Therefore, we always attach to the truth first.

Hack Now to Get Unlimited Diamonds

Unlimited diamonds that we will give is free for you. You just need to open our generator to hack process. We have designed this generator for easy use. All the stages to run it will be described in the next explanation. To enter the generator, you just need to press the access now button below.

Stages of Running Hack

  1. Once inside the generator, click connect;
  2. After that, click proceed;
  3. Now, select the diamonds amount, then click generate;
  4. Enter your username and choose the platform you use. Click continue;
  5. Wait until we finish generating the number of diamonds you choose;
  6. Finally, check your account. We have sent your request to your game inventory.

About Our Hack

Our hack was created by hacking the game system. Needed coding skills to do it. You will see complicated codes when hacking. This code can only be understood by those programmers. It’s not hard for those who understand coding to make cheats. You can start learning coding if you want. Thus you can create your own cheats.

Our programmers have also equipped the hack with various quality features and strict security system. You can read it in the following description.

 Program Features

  1. GMT Super Hack
  2. MD7 hash protection
  3. Lite speed technology
  4. Jaguar SQL Injection
  5. COMODO firewall
  6. Cuero AV2 Graphics


  1. Anti-encryption system
  2. Norton anti-malware v. 208.1.2018
  3. No root
  4. No jailbreak

Other Features

  1. Works in 2018
  2. No survey
  3. No human verification
  4. Easy to use

Support Device

Our hack tool support for Android or iOS. We have designed it, so you can use both platforms. Most cheats only support one device, unlike the one with the formula to make it support on more than one device. That’s the advantage of our programmers. They are indeed reliable to take care of things related to the software.

In-App Purchase Vs Hacked Game

Can be said the game developers Tap Titans is stingy. Indeed you can get the diamonds from achievement for free by completing missions. However, when collected the diamonds is just enough to upgrade several items only. Also, it is not easy to complete high-level missions. It takes a long time to finish. Price diamonds are offered is not cheap if you want to buy. That’s why we make this hack as an alternative to get diamonds. Thus you are free to upgrade or purchase items. In addition, there are many other problems that can be solved using these diamonds.

We want to thank our hack users who have joined the group on facebook. You guys provide lots of useful advice and suggestions for our product development. We really appreciate it. Therefore, we will try harder to meet your needs. Pray that we may continue to develop quality work for you all.


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