Tap Titan Tips and Tricks

Tap Titans are one of the most popular games in the year 2018. The uniqueness of this game managed to make the Android and iOS users rolling around to play it. We think this game has a very different on gameplay from other games. In this game, you will fight against the Titans. You can get help against titans by calling strong heroes, increasing the sword master damage by using pets and various equipment.

In this game is also available clan feature where your clan will compete with other clans to become the number one in the world. To be number one you must join a strong clan and every strong clan only recruits powerful players as well. Because it is very important for you to increase your attack power. You know it’s, right? Actually very easy to increase your level if you know the key. So what is the real strategy you should apply? We will tell you the most effective tips and tricks to play this Tap Titans game in the next discussion.

Here we share tips and tricks into two main points. This is the secret key for an uplevel quick. Currently, we have played up to level 3000. Do you believe that we can reach that level in just seven days? It’s up to you believe it or not but you should know, we are the Nielgaming administrator is not merely the origin of writing articles. We just write after experiencing and proving it ourselves. So what way do we do? Here are two important points you should know in order to up level quickly.

tap titans up level to 3000

Knowing Your Source Power

Here are the first tips you should know. By knowing all the sources of power then you can maximize your attack ability. Here are the power sources you can use to help you defeat the Titans.

Sword Master

The first thing you should know and do is upgrade your sword master. By upgrading the sword master, you can open active skills which will give you explosive strength and double your gold count. We will explain one by one such skill so you better understand.

  1. Heaven Strike, using this skill will give tap damage more than 100 times. Upgrading will make this skill last longer while in use.
  2. Deadly Strike, This will increase your deadly damage 10 times larger.
  3. Hand of Midas, This skill is very important for you to open. You can only open it once your sword master reaches level 200. Using this skill will incur the amount of gold as much as 1.5 times. You know that gold is the thing you are looking for in this game. So try to always upgrade this skill.
  4. Fire Sword, Skill that works to increase tap damage 1.5 times.
  5. War Cry, functioning increase all hero damage by 1.5 fold. We also recommend this skill to always upgrade you. This skill works to add all your hero strength (not just sword master). When you have a lot of heroes this skill assistant will really help you.
  6. Shadow Clone, this skill will give 20 times the tap damage, same as the Heaven Strike but the duration of its use is longer.

Actually, there are many more skills that can help you increase the damage and collection of gold. This skills we describe in Unlock Special Skills Using Diamonds article.

tap titans skill

Well, now you have to know the various skills that need to be upgraded. This time we will give tricks to using this skills. This is the most effective tricks to make a powerful explosion, so you can collect a lot of gold. We recommend using this skill when the boss appears. You can see the orange box on the top right. When the boss arrives the gold you can collect will be higher. Therefore only use this skill to fight the boss. Make an explosion of damage. Tap skills ranging from shadow fight to the last heaven strike (do quickly with all five fingers) and touch your screen as much as you can. Use your ten fingers to touch it or call your friend to help. Do not forget to collect the gifts scattered below.

Another thing you should notice does not shoot the bird that carries the gift box. This will disturb you in tap titans. Because the bidding ad will appear. We also do not recommend that you use these skills during the change of map. This will waste your skill time. So, in essence, you must understand the conditions when using this skill.

Supported Heroes

This is important for your attention. In the second option, there is a Support Heroes menu. Here your task is to open and upgrade the heroes. Tips from us are that you always prioritize to unlock new heroes that open at the top of them. The new Hero always has a better power. The function of these heroes is to help you defeat the Titans. In fact, they can hit the titans without us commanding.

tap titan heroes by angel

We will give you the first trick for this case. After you upgrade your master sword up to level 350, focus on upgrading on this support heroes. Why? Because these heroes can hit the Titans automatically. You can leave your phone while these heroes hit the Titans. So you will not be too tired to play it. Gold will continue to get you even if you leave your phone as long as you open this game.

Other tricks you should know about the use of gold (do I have to upgrade or buy a hero?). Every time a new hero is open the price will be very expensive. Do not put your gold to buy the hero. It just wastes your time. Wear your gold to upgrade heroes that have been open beforehand first. If you apply this way, with the same length of time (with the length of time-saving) you can still buy the new hero. The advantage is your heroes that previously could be upgraded (attack power and increased gold generated).

The last tricks we can give are still about buying a new hero. When your gold amount to buy a new hero is only slightly less. Do not upgrade old heroes first. Fight the boss and use all your master sword skills. Thus the amount of gold you will increase drastically and can easily buy the new support hero.

Actually, there are still some sources of power that you should use. But this article will be too long if we discuss everything. Therefore we will convey in the next article. Next, we will discuss equipment, pets, and Artifacts. It is important for you to know the strategy of using this power source.

Use Hack Tool (to Getting Diamonds)

These are the most effective tips and tricks for you all. Use diamonds for upgrade purposes. Lots of items, equipment, pets and so on that you can not get by using gold. Some of them can only be bought by using diamonds. Therefore, to grow quickly you need to use diamonds to buy or unlock them. Indeed the price of diamonds is not cheap if you buy it from the game developer. However, you do not have to worry about it because we have set up a hack tool for you. With this hack tool, you will get diamonds for free and unlimited. Please visit Tap Titans Hack Tool to gain hack access.

tap titans hack

Using a hack does not necessarily increase your power. You still have to fight for fighting and upgrading your troops and sword master. It only helps ease the burden in terms of upgrade needs. So, your struggle is not over yet.

That’s tips and tricks that we can convey in this article. By following the tips and tricks we give guaranteed your strength will increase and you will be easily accepted by any clans. Fight together clan very exciting. When your account has reached a high level, we expect you to join our clan. Our clan name is Lords of Old. Check the leaderboard board to find our clan. That’s all we can say. See you later on next article.


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