Town Village Hack Tool, Free Unlimited Gems and Coins 800

Anyone who plays this game would know it takes a lot of gems and coins to develop their village become a great and beautiful village. Indeed, you can obtain free coins by building factories, farms, and fields. However, the speed of your production of free players will still be lost by those who pay for gems. As we know, these gems can increase production space from factories, craft shops and much more. The need for these gems will be a big problem for those stingy players who do not want to spend money out of their wallet.

Town Village Hack Tool was created by NielGaming Crew. After spending three days for hacking server and two days of perfection, the tool finally came out on January 27, 2018. This hack works 100%. Our party has tested it by distributing a beta version on facebook. We are very happy because their responses are positive. They managed to get free gems and coins into their account.

Well, How about you stingy players? You can also get the unlimited gems and coins for free because now we will release the hack tool here. Check it out in the discussion below.

Access Our Hack Now!

Now it’s your turn to prove the authenticity of our hack. You need to know that our NielGaming has reliable programmers. They know the secrets of the composition of the code that assembles a software. Because it’s not difficult for them to cheat by hacking the main database game server. Our existence is a parasite for game developers. On the other hand, our existence is a hero who helps the poor and distressed who can not afford to spend money to pay. LOL. Just kidding dude. But that is the reality :d). Okay go ahead, to access our hack please press the access hack button below.

Steps to Use Our Hack

Only a fool can not run our hack. We have designed our hack to be easy to use. Here are the steps you need to take. Just read and practice to be able to access it.

  1. First, press access now button above, then click connect;
  2. Wait for the proses, then click proceed;
  3. Are you see that? Yeah, that’s the gems and coins you can earn. Chose the number of gems and coins you want, then click generate;
  4. Enter username and chose the platform you use, after that click continue;
  5. Be patient and wait until our generator processing your request;
  6. Enjoy your gems and coins now. Make an amazing village with them!

Our Hack Features

These are the features of our hack that make it different from another hack. Our hack works like a parasite. Attaches to the host (game server) by modifying a series of code in it so we can access the game data such as the number of gems and coins. When someone accesses our tool, the data they fill will be translated by our tool into codes that are forwarded into the game server’s database to manipulate the number of gems and coins. After that our hack will send it to your account.

In addition, there are many other features that we add. It protects our hack tool from attack search robots, viruses and so on.

System Progam Features

  1. Encryption System serves to obfuscate the cheat recipient data. Our algorithm will automatically delete the accessed data hack so game developers will not find the player account. You do not have to worry about your account from baned because of it,
  2. D-TOX Inverting serves to restore search robots from game systems. We created a program so that any developers created game developers are returned to search for the main server,
  3. OZ-Speed K-Lite the function is to speed up the speed in accessing data and sending data (gems and coins data).
  4. An Online Generator. So you do not need to have difficulty in accessing. No need to download or root.

No Survey and Human Verification

This is what most hate hack users in doing access. We know this will hinder you and make it difficult for you. Actually, the survey and human verification is a step to prevent robot seekers from entering into the hack security system. Most of the hacks you encounter will implement this system. Different from us. We already have a wider insight and successfully implemented the encryption system and inverting system with all our hack tools. We have explained that both systems are useful for preventing robot detection. Therefore we remove the survey and human verification of all our tools.

Supported Device

You do not have to worry about your device not support. Our device support for Android and iOS. For you, emulator and tablet users can use it. It has been carefully calculated. We know there are many platforms used by players. That’s why we designed our tools for support on all devices.

Here’s what we want to convey to. If there are words from us that are less pleasing to your heart we apologize. If there is something you do not understand please ask us. Write your question in the comment field below. Okay dude, see you later in the next article.


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