Townsmen Guide

Do you play this game? How quickly did your village develop? what’s your village like right now? Take a look at the picture above. Is your village like the picture above or better? For those of you who have a better village than the picture above does not need to continue reading this article. Means you have understood well how to maximize your village’s economy.

This article we write as a guide for those of you who have not been able or understand how to maximize the economy. The economy is very important to develop. With good financial control, of course, the development of the village will be much more rapidly. Well, so how to maximize it? Here we provide the best guide for the year 2018.

Maximize Development

Actually, between building and managing this economy are closely related. Every time you will build it you have to consider the prices, how much building you build produces coins for you. So all you have to do here is build first building coins such as trade, market and so on. Thus the number of your coins will continue to increase.

Maximizing the Economy

As already explained you must take into account the price of the wake and the profit generated. There are other tips for you to improve your economy by increasing your builder amount. Use prestige for it. In addition to adding builders, you can also build other buildings that can generate coins for you using prestige. Indeed we need to spend money to earn prestige and we know the price is not cheap. Therefore we suggest you to use the generator to get free prestige. Take a look at the following picture, you only need a few days to create the following building when you use the generator.

Village Development

Actually, you do not have to think too much about what buildings you should build first if you have a lot of prestige. Although we will still explain the priority of buildings that must be built first. So the first building you have to build is the town hall. The town hall provides the population for your villagers. Then build a trade center to facilitate the exchange of coins, markets for selling, gardens, and factories so you can earn more. Make a house to increase the capacity of your population. That’s a priority to boost your village economy fast.

Do you already understand? Now just run the guide from us. We guarantee your economy will increase rapidly after you apply what we convey. If you would like more information you can visit Townsmen Tips and Tricks articles, or if you are a beginner please visit Townsmen Review. You will get a deeper explanation there. That is all of us. Good luck. Greetings from us we are all crew


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