The fans of strategy simulation games should join us soon. Do you now? This game is the best game ever I have played which available on my Android phone. In addition to Android, it can also be played on the iOS platform and PC. This is completed our wishes, we are free to play it on all various devices.

This article is my story of a long journey that I do since I started to build village until now. I will describe the review about my experience to you here. Hopefully can give you an idea of what you should do in this game. Okay, Have enjoy read this article.

Townsmen Gameplay

In this game, your mission is to complete all scenario chapter given. There are many chapters you must resolve. Every chapter has a different level of difficulty. You should read the objective to fix it. Another thing why I love this game cause here we can build and organize our own village by our self. I have played the similar game before like Age of Empires, Clash of Clans and other.

In my opinion, this game enough to satisfy my desire. Here I can be creative to organize my village and make it beautifully. You should see my village now. The picture below shows the village I have built before.

Do you want to make your village like this? I’ll tell you that’s is not easy without prestige. You need to use it to complete some upgrades.

Townsmen Prestige

Here I’ll explain how you can get the prestige. These are two easy ways you can do that’s purchase or use hack tool. I’ll tell you in the next discussion below.

Purchase the Prestige

Just go shop to get it. There are many various options for choosing your prestige amount. Here you can use a credit card, pulse and other. Just follow the instructions given. Might you will found some trouble when accessing it. But that’s not a serious problem. I believe you can resolve your problem and finished it.

Use Hack Tool

This is another easy way I can tell you. Actually, NielGaming has released a hack tool for this game. They design their hack to an online generator who can give you free prestige for your account. For getting access just visit the link above.

Townsmen Features

See the following picture above. This is the dashboard of this game. There are five menus in this game. The function of continue is for continuing the game have you play before. New game for resetting your gameplay, Gallery to find some tools, options for setting your game, and Transactions for do purchase.

I think this is enough to review this game. If you have a question, you can ask me or all of NielGaming crew. We provide all information about the review, hack, tips and tricks, and guide. Just find it on our website. Thanks for reading this article. Have fun with your game. See you in the next article.


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